Thursday, May 7, 2020

how to create an oasis on your deck

The days are getting longer and the weather is only getting better. 

There are brighter days ahead, figuratively and literally.

I talk a lot about bringing the outdoors in with clippings from the yard, etc.
But today I want to talk about bringing the indoors out and how doing so can create a mini oasis.

No vacation necessary. Oh, who am I kidding. We aren't going anywhere right? So now, even more than ever, create that outdoor space that makes you feel like you are on a vacation!

We recently got new outdoor seating including this sectional and table set, and 
these 2 chairs. I actually love it so much that I am going to order another sectional to create a big U shape.

You can create a cozy area with any outdoor furniture you have. I just recommend scootching it all close together so it's intimate. There's nothing like having to shout across the deck to someone.

Think about how you would decorate the inside of your home. Pretend your deck is a living room. 
You can bring pillows and blankets from the indoors out on nice days. Even books to flip through on a lazy afternoon.

We have a hot tub on our deck so I also like to keep towels handy.

If you are having guests, make sure to have drinks nearby and snacks handy. We have a nearby outdoor kitchen area, but a pitcher of lemonade and some mason jars are all you need!

If you need extra seating, think about using benches, stools, or even poufs, that you might normally use indoors. I just got one of these stools which I have been eyeing forever. 

I like how the wood tones tie in with my DIY table top which I will be sharing here soon!

I also like to ground groupings with outdoor rugs, I just haven't got around to it yet this year. I am thinking this one.

Play off the colors on the inside of your home. Our decor is very neutral so I made sure the outdoor colors flow with the indoor colors. 

You also don't want to compete with mother nature, so keeping with the neutral natural tones just makes sense in an outdoor space.

However, I do like to add a little bit of color with flowers and plants. I am pretty particular about this though, usually only adding in purples, blues, and whites.

The Nandina trees are in the pots by our door year round. They do really well in our climate and are beautiful. For the smaller pots, I honestly just grab things that catch my eye when I am at the grocery store or home improvement center. 

Harley is saying hi to you from the window :) 

You can replicate this look with these planters, and these ones.

I also really only like to plant perennials. I rarely plant annuals because I feel like it is a waste of money. If I do plant annuals, they go in very few spots. I do like to use white geraniums, this might be the only exception to my perennial rule!

We are surrounded by a lot of trees here in the pacific northwest, so we are always blowing debris off the deck and driveways, but it makes a huge difference in how things look. Think of it like having freshly vacuumed floors in your house. 

I hope this gives you some ideas for creating an oasis on your own deck!

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xoxo, Melaine

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Cassie Bustamante said...

So lovely- I can't wait to have people over to hang out outside with us! This has me itching!

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