Monday, May 11, 2020

white chocolate and orange cake

The combination of white chocolate and orange is so good. If you have never tried it, now is the time!

It kind of tastes like a creamsicle only better, and in cake form.

To me, what makes this cake look so good is a smooth layer of white frosting, {you can use store bought!} white chocolate curls, and dried oranges. I found mine at Trader Joes and the white chocolate curls I believe at Target.

Isn't it pretty?

My first love of chocolate and orange came from my dad when I was young. He would always get orange filled chocolates at Christmas time. One year he finally shared and I fell in love. Ever since I have been hooked on this combination.

You can use any white boxed cake mix for this recipe. To make it extra special, add in a small box of white chocolate pudding mix. I personally love the Godiva one. Furthermore, you can add in white chocolate chips and orange zest. Don't be stingy on either! I don't measure these out, I just add in what I think looks right.

Bake up a few pans so you can layer them. If you really want to get fancy you can add orange marmalade jam in between the cooled layers. 

Frost it with white frosting, pipe it with any special details you'd like, and add white chocolate curls to the top. You can use white chocolate chips if you don't have the curls. 

The dried orange slices are the perfect touch for presentation!

Enjoy with a cup of coffee.

xoxo, Melaine 

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