Tuesday, June 16, 2020

contemplating a gallery wall swap

As I have been home a lot lately I am getting bored and staring at the same thing every day has me itching to make some changes. 

I'd love your input, so please leave your comments!

This is our living room and this gallery wall is really special to me. However, I fell in love with 
these oversized frames from Pottery Barn and am thinking about moving this entire gallery wall to the dining room, and doing the large Pottery Barn frames here. I ordered one just to see if I really liked it, and I love it. The oversized mats are great and I think it would look great. 

So I did a little mock up of what it would look like with 6 of the largest size frames.

Here is our dining room sideboard which is where the old living room gallery wall would go.

I found this old photo and added in the living room gallery wall here to see what it would look like.

What do you think? Leave it alone or do the swap?

xoxo, Melaine 


Unknown said...

Change it to the larger/fewer pics

Phyllis said...

Leave it alone. The big frames are too big for the living room wall.

Nancy said...


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