Wednesday, June 24, 2020

create a cozy hammock oasis

Summers growing up consisted of me taking naps and reading books in our hammock under a big old oak tree.

I have so many memories of ducking out of the house and laying there in the shade and feeling like I was in my own little world. Curling up with a blanket as the sun went down, and just feeling so cozy.

We recently visited my sister and she had a new hammock in her backyard that our son Cody fell in love with. He stayed in it for hours as we visited and had a bonfire.

Now I am certain we need to create a little spot for a hammock of our own, our own little cozy hammock oasis.

I found this one which is similar to the one we had growing up. I don't think we have a good spot to hang one from trees, so I think we will need to get the stand that comes with it.

I am thinking near our fire pit would be a great spot. Tucked back in by the woods where it's nice and quiet and serene.

I've been looking at hammock pictures on Pinterest which is really getting me excited.

Do you have a hammock and do you love it? 

I love this one from Anthropologie but I am afraid it would get to dirty where we live.

I will keep you updated if we get one, which I am pretty certain we will :) 

xoxo, Melaine 

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