Friday, July 3, 2020

Friday favorites

Hello and happy almost 4th of July!

This is one of our favorite holidays out here at the lake and unfortunately for us, and everyone else, it will be a bit different this year. 

But that is ok, we are going to make the best of it. Wear our masks, and be diligent. 

What are your plans and how have they changed since Covid? 

We are doing just a family gathering this year rather than friends and family, Trying to keep the numbers down and make it a little bit more low key, also due to the fact that even though it's been 7 weeks since my knee replacement  I am still only about 20% healed according to my Dr,

I will be doing a bit of decorating but not going over the top because I get tired so easily. Then if I really push it, I have to sit down and elevate my knee with ice. I really am counting on 2021 to be the best year ever! 2020 has a lot making up to do!

Here are some fun things I found and may have purchased over the past week. To see the products, simply click on the bold type wording.

We bake a lot in the summer and fall months, and I am always looking fo containers to keep little pieces like sprinkles and cupcake holders and toppers organized This Caddy might do just the trick !

I can't wait to get this book in the mail today. After sharing her home in yesterdays post, I am ready to dive right in and learn some of her decorating techniques, 

I have been really into taking care of my skin lately. Moisturizing it a lot, doing peels and face masks. This product is next up on my list for glowing skin from within. Save 10% off your first order as well.

I have been having fun bringing the soap on the rope back to the shower! Even if you don't use it, it adds a stylish touch hanging form you handle. This one is super chic!

After I apply my makeup, I love spritzing on this to keep my makeup fresh and dewy.

I have been buying quite a few things on Amazon lately including this yummy laundry soap. Laundry soap is one thing I will splurge on because I want my clothes and sheets to smell amazing. 

This one is still my favorite for bedding and towels though. I also like the way the house smells so good white the laundry is going. Just one of those little indulgences I love.

I thought these earrings were super fun.

Oh and this..... I get this treatment when I go to the hair salon, but I now own it at home and I use it around 3 times a week. I have super frizzy hair and it tames it so much that it feels like silk.

I am really into face masks these days. Can we say spa day at home? 

Check out these Hermes inspired towels, oh lala. 

Have a safe and happy weekend friends!

xoxo, Melaine 

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