Friday, July 17, 2020

Friday favorites

Hello and happy happy Friday!

How was your week? We have FINALLY been having nice sunny weather here in the PNW. It feels so good to get outside after being cooped up inside for so long. 

I am finally able to walk without much of a limp and I actually mowed the lawn the other day on our riding mower. For those of you new here, I had a knee replacement 9 weeks ago and am just now starting to come back to life. Stairs are getting easier and I am able to do much more.

Let's get right into some fun Friday favorite things I found this week! 
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So I cleaned out my closet this week and donated a ton of clothes. When I was going through them I found my favorite t-shirt had a hole in it, so I tossed it and quickly ordered more.
 These t-shirts are so flattering and super soft. I think I could own one in every color. 

If my dogs didn't treat furniture like dog beds I would buy this chair in a heartbeat.

My sister had these on the other day when she came over and they are so cute! On sale too!

Love this concrete tray.

These are in my shopping cart on Amazon.

Waiting patiently for this cute dress to come back in stock.

Everyone is raving about how real these faux olive trees look.

This is a great price for these amazing dining chairs.

You know I love these machine washable rugs. Well this one I am getting for sure!
Spotted on Our Nest On Powells Instagram.

This is such a statement ceiling light.

Here is another rug that is neutral and has a ton of texture to it.

Love this swivel chair in oatmeal. A pair of these together in a living room would be gorgeous.

This console table has clean lines and is so pretty.

This pillow is very versatile with it's neutral color, isn't it beautiful?

I hope you all have a great weekend!

xoxo, Melaine 

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