Tuesday, July 7, 2020

what's in my Amazon shopping cart

Amazon has become my go to place for "instant gratification" shopping. 

I just love that you can order something and have it the next day, sometimes even hours later.

I buy everything on Amazon. Batteries, dish soap, laundry soap, clothing, shoes, pet supplies, you name it.

Here are a few things I just purchased and am super happy with. What's in your Amazon cart?

To view each item, click on the bold type wording below.

1- This makeup remover does not leave a film on your face. I have been known to skip washing my face at night and just use this. It also gets off stubborn eye makeup. It is made for sensitive skin and is free of odors.

2-Love this layered necklace, such a great piece and under $20!

3-This deep conditioner is something I can't live without. I believe everyone needs this to tame the frizziest hair and it is simply the best. I can't say enough good things about it.

4-These camo print joggers are so flattering and they are super comfortable! 

5-Fun tassel earrings! These come in an array of colors.

6-"Hermes" towels. I ordered but haven't got yet, cannot wait!

7-Dog bark collar. Enough said.

And the hat! Forgot to number it. Ordered but haven't got it yet. Recommended by a fashionable friend!

8-I am a laundry snob when it comes to detergents. I not only love good smelling clothes but I love the pretty bottles. Our laundry room is central in our home and a good smelling laundry soap also acts in place of a good smelling candle in our home.

9-Just got this book and I love it. I think I've flipped through it 40 times. Great tips and advice from everything from beauty to decorating to organizing and throwing parties.

10-This cute tank has a fun button detail down the front. Ordered but haven't got it yet, can't wait. It will be cute almost year round paired with a cardigan in the fall. 

Happy shopping friends! I hope you find some goodies too!

xoxo, Melaine 

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