Monday, October 12, 2020

DIY cement pumpkin vase

 Hello all!

How would you like to make a cement pumpkin vase today?

Cement pumpkins are nothing new, but I wanted to tweak it just a little and turn it into a vase.

If you'd like to make one too, read on!

You will need the following for this project:

Rapid set cement

Plastic pumpkin pail 


Felt pads for the bottom

Cooking spray like Pam

Bucket for mixing cement

Cylinder glass vase {I found mine at the Dollar Tree}

A heavy object {think of a stack of books}


Ok, let's get started!

I failed to take pictures along the way, so hopefully my instructions will be good enough!

First up, if your bucket has handles, remove those. These buckets can be found just about anywhere this time of year, even the dollar store.

Then start by mixing your cement in a bucket with gloves on. It should be a milkshake consistency. You can mix your cement in batches if you are worried about it drying up too fast.

To prepare your pumpkin for the cement you might choose to reinforce it by wrapping gorilla tape or duct tape around the outside of it. It didn't happen to me, but some people claim the weight of the cement blows out the pumpkin.

Spray the inside of the pumpkin pail lightly with cooking spray.

This cement sets up fast so after mixing it be prepared to work quickly, meaning prepare your pumpkin first!

Add the cement mixture to the pumpkin 3/4 of the way up. You can add it in increments, tapping the sides and lifting it up and putting it back down rapidly to get any air bubbles out.

Next, push your vase into the pumpkin. Again you will need to work fast as this cement sets up quickly.

If you need to add more cement, do so at this time. 

Put something heavy like a stack of books on top to  weight it down and wait until dry, about 24 hours. 

Using an exacto knife or scissors, cut the plastic pumpkin away from the cement and discard. Needle nose pliers might be helpful while you do this.

At this time you can choose to paint the mouth, nose, and eyes. Whatever color you choose, thin it down with a considerable amount of water before painting. You may need to add additional coats of paint until you get the look you want. I just did one for a darker shade of grey.

Place felt pads on the bottom to protect the surface you are placing it on.

Finally, fill your vase with water, and add the flowers or branches of your choice!

Isn't it the cutest?

It's super heavy so it's not getting knocked over.

I definitely recommend placing felt sticky pads on the bottom to protect your furniture.

I thought this chamomile was a fun flower for this vase as it resembles wild hair in a way.

Wouldn't this be a fun project to do with a couple of girlfriends?

Fall craft night if you will.

And because this is cement, it is suitable for the outdoors as well!

You could even make a whole family of pumpkins and place them on the porch. 

In fact, instead of flowers you could add a battery operated candle!

 I hope you try making one and if my directions don't make sense, there are a ton of tutorials out there. Just google DIY cement pumpkin. 

xoxo, Melaine 

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