Tuesday, October 27, 2020

DIY subway art with FREE printables

 I am so excited about this project today!

 I made one of these years and years ago, but this is an updated version thanks to a friend.

This DIY subway art is the easiest thing you will ever make. The hardest part will be finding a frame suitable, you just need patience for that.

What to look for in a frame?

Well the least expensive way to make this project is to look for frames at thrift stores. Frames this size and shape can get quite expensive and frankly if you are going to be spending big bucks, you might as well just buy the whole shebang at Restoration Hardware and call it done.

But since this is a DIY, you will want to find a long and skinny frame. For reference, the one I am using is 17.5" x 48" 

The second thing you will want to do, is make sure that your frame has matting already in it. Mats can be expensive also, and even more for this size. It doesn't matter what color mat is in your frame because you can spray paint it!

So here are the frames I found. I was lucky to find 3 matching at the Goodwill for $12.99 each.

A little closer up so you can see the mat.

Once you have found your frame, you are more than set to start creating.

Take it all apart when you get it home and spray paint the frame black, and the mat white.

Using the files linked at the end of this post, have your art printed approx. 1" larger than the opening of your mat. This will allow for a little wiggle room when you go to tape it in place.

I used Uprinting to print mine. This was the first time I used them but I liked that you could enter a custom size, they were reasonably priced, and the shipping was fast. I can't remember exactly but I think each print was around $20. For reference, I chose the semi-gloss option.

Click here for the city printable.

and click here for the numbered street printable.


Our basement had the perfect narrow wall for this print.

We also just got this great bench which I am so in love with.

It is from Uber Chic, and you can find their various benches here. 

I would love to see the finished product if you make one! 

xoxo, Melaine 

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