Sunday, November 29, 2020

five of my favorite things around our home

 I am so honored to be a part of this weeks Five Faves where I will show you five of my favorite things around our home.

When I was asked to be a part of this, I immediately started thinking of my favorite things around our home. Things I use over and over, decor I never get tired of, pieces that stand the test of time.

I am sure you all have items like that in your home. Maybe it's a favorite coffee maker, or a pair of fuzzy slippers that only get better with age.

Well, here are my top five favorite things around our home, and why!

This label maker I have had for years. I use it literally for everything. I love it's old school look, it's inexpensive price tag, and the fact that it has held up over all the use I have given it!

Here are some projects I have made with this label maker.


This TV has been a game changer. If you hate the idea of your tv being over your mantle front and center, fear no more. This TV sits flush to the wall and when not on, displays your own pictures, slideshow, or free art. You can also buy additional art which I like to do seasonally or to match the colors/decor in my own room. This is the exact TV we have, which is on Black Friday sale. And here are some of my favorite art options for the holiday season.

We have this art currently on ours.

I also have this pine tree sketch for a simpler look.

This art would be great not only at Christmas, but year round.

Love this winter moose!

This one would be so great if you have little kids.

And finally, this one that is currently in my shopping cart, so good!


Having 3 dogs, this vacuum is a must. Actually it is a must for anyone, pets or no pets. I got it for my parents last Christmas and actually purchased a second one for my own home because I am a clean freak.

I have had robot vacuums in the past, and this is by far the best one. It is the quietest, the slimmest {it goes under the bed, etc!} and it has the largest canister. 

The true test was the day I had our carpets cleaned and literally no pet fur came up! Meaning, this vacuum was getting all the last little pieces of pet hair out of the carpet!

Here's the best part. It is $120 OFF right now!


This laundry soap is so good it should be illegal. It is spendy, but, I have a hack for you! It is super concentrated so I add literally one capful along with scent free laundry detergent to my wash cycle and you still get the same scent but it will last you much longer! Try it, then buy one for a gift because it is that good! 


Machine washable rugs! We have about 4 of these throughout our home and they are THE BEST. There's nothing like having to shake out a rug or scrub off food spills, YUCK. These rugs literally go right into your washing machine and come out like new every time. Wash them with the laundry detergent above and your home will be scented for weeks!

Here are 4 of my favorites, but I love them all!


Now let's join my friends below to see what their 5 favorites are!

Classic Casual Home

xoxo, Melaine

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Mary Ann Pickett said...

I want ALL five of your good things...starting with the television. I already ordered a different that my sister and daughter have. Everyone who has a robot vacuum loves them! Your label maker is great, too.
Thanks for doing this with us!

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