Tuesday, November 24, 2020

how to make the cutest advent calendar

Hello and welcome!

Today I am going to show you how to make the cutest advent calendar in one afternoon.

I love a good DIY advent, but this year especially I love the idea of giving the kids something {else} to look forward to everyday in December. 

Are you ready to get started?

Great! First things first. You will need a board. Mine is 12" wide by 44" long and it fit my little bags perfectly. 

Paint your piece of wood, add a stencil or other pattern, totally optional, then let dry. After it is dry, lightly distress it by scuffing it up with a piece of sandpaper.

Next you will need to pre-drill for your cups hooks that will be going in to hold the goodie bags. 
Map this out first with a pencil and tape measure, marking exactly where your holes will go.
Do not drill all the way through. You are basically just making a tiny hole, not too deep as to where you can get started screwing in the cup hooks. If by chance you drilled too far, a little super glue will be your best friend.

Time to add your 25 cup hooks. Simply hand screw them in until they are in place. 

Here are the bags I used. The perfect size for a little gift. At the bottom of this post I will share some gift ideas to put in these bags, so be sure to read this in its entirety.

Fill the bags, then hang them on each hook.

The next thing will be to add numbers to each bag, 1 through 25. 
Get creative with this. 
You can use paper hang tags with hand written numbers, or you can use number stickers.

I used some little wooden squares I bought at Ikea a while back. I believe they are pieces to hang on your hangers in your closet to keep moths away. I added number stickers to them, then hung them from each hook on top of the bags.

Finally, you are ready to hang it, or prop it up against a wall and enjoy all of December!

I used this garland draped over the top and put some fake presents all around for a festive look.

Now, let's talk about some fun gifts to fill these little bags with. 25 gifts adds up fast so I'd suggest hitting the Dollar Tree or the dollar spot at Target. However, every now and then a gift card would be fun. Teens I'm sure would love good old money!

Here's a list of 25 things appropriate for these little bags. You can click on each one to take you to the product page. This is a wide variety suitable for boys and girls, hopefully you'll  find something fun!

4. Construction vehicle pack {think multiple bags filled with this one purchase!}

6. Mini Play-doh packages {again, think multiple bags!}

8. Cell phone stand {3 pack}

10. Light up Christmas bulb necklace {3 pack, different day, different color!}

19. Beauty blender {pack of 4}

20. Tic Tacs {12 count!}

21. King Leo peppermint sticks {22  individually wrapped sticks!}

Merry Christmas!

If you'd rather not spend money on gifts for these little bags, consider printing out my bad mom and dad jokes for each day. You can do so right here. Enjoy!

xoxo, Melaine 

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