Wednesday, December 30, 2020

10 tips for getting & staying organized in the New Year

With the New Year everyone gets a fresh start. 

I like to take this time to get organized, purge things I haven't been using, gifting things that another family could use more than me, and start fresh. 

Here are my 10 tips for getting and staying organized in the New Year. 

1-Find some beautiful storage options that are also space saving to clear your counters of clutter. These boxes look great as a decor piece and no one will know what's inside. Great stacked on a shelf near your TV for remotes, coasters, etc. as well. 

2- Try using this great metal umbrella holder for all your wrapping paper. It's pretty enough to leave out, or you can easily tuck it in a closet. I love having all my wrapping paper in one place, and I like it to be portable so I can move it with me from space to space. 

3- This log holder is a beautiful piece next to your fireplace. Fill it with pretty birch rounds to make it extra special. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, so you can move it outdoors to a fire pit in the Spring.

4- This is one of my new favorite books. It has such great tips for getting and staying organized, so many pretty pictures and ideas, and free pantry labels. 

5- Now is the time to go through your medicine cabinet and toss anything that has expired. Try streamlining everything into one central space in a bathroom or laundry room with this medicine cabinet. 

6- I like to create mini cleaning boxes/bins for each bathroom to keep under the counter. These work great with the handle. You can even make one for under your kitchen sink.

7- I have talked about these baskets before. They are great sitting next to a sofa filled with blankets. You don't even need to fold them, just toss them in!

8- While these aren't the prettiest to look at, these storage containers work great in closets, and they are on wheels so they can easily be moved around. If you run out of room in your dresser for socks and underwear, using one of these might just save you. They are also great for seasonal clothing.

9- This collection from Cb2 is one of my favorite inexpensive ways to streamline your bathroom. The soap pumps are a must have. I also have the TP brush and wastebasket.

10- And finally, it's time to go through your pantry and get rid of any expired foods. This is also a great time to donate to a local food bank for those in need. Once you have cleaned it all up, try adding some fun labels to make it super easy to find things in the future.

I hope my 10 tips for getting and staying organized in the New Year helped you out a bit! I know most of us are home during the pandemic so there really is no better time!

xoxo, Melaine 

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