Tuesday, February 9, 2021

DIY boho napkin rings

 Happy Tuesday!

I have a fun project for you today. 

Who's up for a little DIY?

These DIY boho napkin rings are so easy to make and look so cute!

Here is what you will need to get started:

2 sizes of wood beads.

 I used these ones and these ones.

I purposefully left mine unfinished because I like the natural wood color, but you can certainly dye them with RIT dye if you prefer a different color.

Wire cut into 12" lengths, one per napkin ring.

Scraps of fabric {I used muslin} ripped into 1x12" pieces.

Shape your piece of wire into a shape like below.

Thread on approximately 12 of the smaller beads onto one side, looping around.

When you have got all the way around, take a large bead and thread it through both wires.

Finally, take one last small bead and feed it through both wires as well.

Take 4 strips of 1x12" fabric, and one at a time, puncture the fabric in the middle with your wires. 
Repeat with 3 more strips.

When you have the last strip on, twist the wire to secure.
Using wire cutters, trim excess wire off, then bend over to secure so the fabric strips don't slide off.

Each one takes minutes to make, super simple, and so cute!

I have tons of beads left over so I will be thinking of fun new DIY ideas for you with those!

Please pin any of these images!
xoxo, Melaine 



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