Monday, February 22, 2021

how I keep our closet organized

Keeping things neat and organized is something I love to do.

I am constantly shifting things around and purging items until things are to my liking.

Having things organized makes everything so much easier. Theres no wondering where that favorite scarf is, or if you can find the missing shoe.

While our master closet is a walk in, it is still fairly small so keeping things in order are a must.


If you are organizing your closet, here are a few tips that have helped me along the way.

Use matching hangers.

Matching hangers keep things looking cohesive. It is a small change that can make a world of difference. 

I have found a ton of wood ones that I like on Amazon, and you can get them in black, natural, or white. 

I do not have a dresser, so I hang almost everything up. For that reason I like the non slip hangers with the notches for tank tops and dresses.

I store my gym clothes and bathing suits in these locker baskets.

Our closet has a bit of an industrial feel with it's scaffolding planks for shelves, so I kept that in mind when selecting these baskets. Click here to see how we constructed it using pipe and recycled wood planks.

I also like that I can see into the baskets to find what I need easily.

All my shorts sit on their own on the top shelf, simply because there wasn't room for a basket.

We have long rows of shelving for our shoes. I keep my husbands shoes towards the top {he's taller}

and I keep mine on the lower shelves.

I categorize clothing by color, and then again by short sleeve or long sleeve.

Same with shoes, I categorize by color and then again by categories. IE: booties, heels, tennis shoes, etc.

Pants are hung up by color as well. Jeans are all clumped together, followed by black pants and white pants, then pants with a pattern.

Following these simple steps makes it so much easier to grab and go on busy mornings when I am trying to get out the door.

And just for fun, here is another tip for you!

If I am simply stumped for an outfit choice, here is what I do.

Let's say I have black jeans I know I want to wear but cannot think of something to wear with them.

Go on Pinterest and type in "black jeans outfits" 

A ton of different looks will pop up to inspire you on what to pair with those black jeans.

I do this a lot. "white sweater outfits" you can even narrow it down to the season. "white sweater winter outfits"

Anyway, just a few tips that have helped me and will hopefully  help you!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Melaine 

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