Wednesday, March 10, 2021

DIY baking soda & paint textured vase tutorial

 I have a fun DIY project for you today!

Vases can be really spendy, have you noticed this too?

Don't get me wrong, if I see an expensive vase and it is beyond perfect, I might splurge. However, when I see something that looks like it could become an easy DIY, I go for it!

And that is exactly what I did with this vase, and I am here to show you the DIY baking soda & paint textured vase tutorial!

Start by choosing an inexpensive vase from a thrift shop, or maybe even one from your own stash that you aren't loving anymore. 

I got mine at a thrift shop for $4.99. 

Then you will need to order 2 things:

1-silicone molds {you will use the smallest one that comes in this 3 pack. Save the others for other projects such as hot cocoa bombs!}

2-air dry clay

You will also need a heavy duty glue such as super glue or liquid nails, paint, and baking soda, as well as a paint brush.

Roll little balls in your hands with the clay, then place in each mold. You can trim any extra clay off the tops with a sharp knife and smooth them out with a finger that has been dipped in water, as to not stick.

Let them dry and then remove from the molds. 

Glue them onto your vase and let dry.

Now it's time to paint! I am doing a baking soda & paint technique to give it an aged textured look, like old pottery.

You can do this with any color, I am doing it with leftover wall paint called Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

You will need:

  • 1 cup of water based paint aka latex paint or even craft store paint, just not oil based paint
  • 1/4 cup of baking soda
  • paint brush, I used the disposable foam kind. 

Start by mixing up your cup of paint and 1/4 cup of the baking soda. It will be thick and give your vase a matte finish that has a lot of texture. 

Brush on the baking soda and paint mixture to your vase and let it dry until it is slightly tacky. 

Additionally, after each coat you can keep stippling on more paint for more and more texture, even adding in a second color.

I even sprinkled on a little bit of straight baking soda onto the wet paint and just let the extra fall off after the paint dried.

That's it! Let's take a look at some vases that have this look to them.

These have a great shape and I love the variation in the colors:

Another fun one that I love can be found here.

This one is 

Ready to see how I displayed mine?

I used it on the shelves in our living room more as an art piece, but I will also use it as a vase with fresh flowers later on.

I am obsessed with the texture and how expensive it looks for under $8!

This week I'm joining some of my talented blogging friends for the Spring Seasonal Simplicity Series! We're all sharing some inspiring mantel decorating ideas with you! You can see each mantel in more detail by clicking on the links below each image.

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