Tuesday, March 2, 2021

how to cover your books {old school style}

 Do you have bookshelves filled with books of all different colors and it just looks messy?

Here is a way you can take those books to the next level, streamline your shelves, and have everything look neat and organized.

First things first.

You will need to choose a color paper to cover your books in.

I chose this black:

You can always do white too.

My third choice would be natural, but it is entirely up to you.

If you really want to get resourceful, you can use your leftover paper bags from the grocery store. 
I do find that the thinner the paper, the easier though.

You can google all kinds of ways to cover your books but honestly I think it is pretty self explanatory. 

1. Take the dust jacket off your hardcover book and toss.

2. Lay the paper flat on a hard surface and place the book on top.

3. Make a small crease on the top and bottom of the book in the paper.

4. Fold those pieces in.

5. For the ends you will simply do the same. I used a bit of tape to secure mine onto the cover and back of book. 

It honestly takes minutes to do this project and the outcome is beautiful!

Because I didn't get any good pictures of mine, I will show you how my cousin {on my husbands side}  displayed hers:

 Now, what are you waiting for?

Go cover some books! 

xoxo, Melaine 

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