Monday, March 1, 2021

how to shop high end home decor on Amazon for less

 Hello and happy March!

One month closer to warmer weather and longer days. 

I don't know about you, but I am super excited about that!

Today I want to show you how you can get a very high end look for your home with products solely from Amazon.

No joke!

Read this post through in it's entirety to show you how you can shop from the comfort of your home and get a high end look with the items I have hand selected for you!




A lot of people think they need to spend a ton of money to get a high end look.

YOU DON"T! In fact, you just need to know the right places to shop! 

Places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls offer deep discounts on great Home Decor.

But Amazon is one of my favorites because of their easy return policy and of course how fast the products arrive! 

I love having things delivered to my door, especially during the pandemic. For those of you that hate to shop big stores and get overwhelmed easily with too many options, this is a great source for you!

Let's dive a little deeper and dissect a beautifully curated room that looks super high end, but let's swap it with Amazon choices!

This light bright and airy space looks super chic!

And that is because it is! Those heavy drapes give a sense of opulence, the light makes it a bit sexy, the lines of the sofa look very custom, and the cohesive colors make it look very designer.

Now, let's dissect this room shopping only online from Amazon, shall we?


This post is in no way sponsored through Amazon, I just truly love searching through them and finding good deals for me, and for you!

Happy shopping!

xoxo, Melaine 

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