Tuesday, April 13, 2021

our Spring deck, one year ago

 So much has changed in a year!

I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane, as I will be sharing our deck this year very shortly!

We've lived in this house for 23 years and are still finding out what works and doesn't work for the different stages in our lives. Funny how that works.

All these photos were taken by the talented Heidi Culver for my friend Kendras pillow line, Linen and Ivory. 

Let's start with the most important thing, the furniture.
I believe I started buying this line in 2019 and have been continually adding to it. 
It's affordable, it's sturdy, it's comfortable, and the pieces are very versatile.

In 2020 as you can see here, we had one sectional and a pair of chairs, and 2 lounge chairs.

Since then we have purchased another sectional {we now have 2 that sit side by side for a large U shape} and we have changed out the table for this fire table. 

This is a "what was I thinking" picture.

Yes, I used to leave my Christmas lights up. 

We had them put up by a professional one year and I never could justify taking them down and putting them back up myself, or the cost of having it done every year.

So up they stayed. 

Then I saw them in this picture and cringed. 

So yes, Christmas lights are down now.

ALSO, we have since replaced our roof with a black metal one and we got rid of that chimney and skylight you see on the left! It's a much more streamlined look.

 Also, we replaced the two windows and French doors with one big unit and are getting ready to change out the French doors you see next to the lounge chairs. I cannot wait to do side by side photos!

This DIY sign, which you can find the tutorial for here, has since been given to a new home, but we still have our table and chairs.

I toy with the idea of doing black chairs from CB2 as I have had my eye on them forever.

I do like how these white ones stack nicely though and they are still in great shape. 

Do you remember when I made the wood top out of a pallet for our table?

Thankfully our view still remains the same!

All of these pots have moved to another location since putting in the new doors.

All of these fun pillows can be found here.

Stay tuned for the 2021 version coming soon!

xoxo, Melaine 

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Carla said...

Wish we could use pillows and cushions at our place but living on the farm. It would be dusty dirty and buggy. I always envy people who have cushions and pillows on their patio/porch.

Have a great day.

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