Monday, April 19, 2021

outdoor favorites

Getting our outdoor furniture out and our deck ready for summer! 

Come back later this week and I will show you the final product.

One thing I am thinking of upgrading this year is our dining table. We didn't take good care of it over the winter and let tools sit on it and it rusted in spots. 

And while I love the chairs we have, I think if a new table is in order, that I will get the ones I have wanted forever. 

I think I've nailed it down to this table and these chairs. 

I've pulled some other outdoor favorites for you all too. These are all great options if you like this look!

 This table is so great! I love the lines and concrete finish.

This one has an option to come with chairs.

This one is very similar only a bit smaller.

I love the black base on this one!

I love the darker finish on this one. {It comes in 3 diff colors!}

I love this one but I think the wood base would compete with the color of our siding. Pretty option though!

The criss cross base on this one is fun.

We are absolutely LOVING our new fire table. It is amazing to say the least. 

And our 2 sectionals and 2 chairs will forever be my favorites. 

In between the chairs I have a white marble tulip table to set drinks on. 

I placed a concrete looking planter on top with sedums called autumn joy.

One of my favorite planters isn't a planter at all. It is technically made for indoor use but I have used these outdoors for years with no problems. 

I would like to get a bar cart or console table of some sort. This cart is a contender, nothing fancy, just super simple.

I hope this gives you some ideas on a relaxed modern {ish} deck feel!

xoxo, Melaine 

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