Monday, May 3, 2021

our kids' rooms

Decorating kids rooms, no matter their age, is so fun for me!

I take into account the persons personality and hobbies, favorite colors, etc. and design away.

Our kids rooms have changed A LOT over the years. 

I remember when Cody was a baby and he had a wild west themed bedroom!

Now that my kids are older, their rooms are more streamlined because of the lack of toys and "stuff" but they still are designed to work and function the way they need them too.

 Cody's room, age 18:

I splurged on bedding for his room after I had a whole design plan. 

I love linen bedding, and I feel like this duvet cover set will last a really long time. 
It has a timeless feel which I don't think will go out of style.

The bench at the foot of his bed is great for storage and keeping clutter at bay.

A large desk is perfect for online school and fits in nicely with the look of the rest of our house. 

All of the throw pillows are from this great Etsy shop.

Savannah's room, age 22:

Savannah is home finishing her last year of college online.

Not much has changed in her room since I gave it it's last makeover, which you can read about here. That post will also have sources to everything in her room if you are interested.

The wood walls and her big bed make the room very cozy. 

All photos by Heidi Culver. 

I will add a disclaimer that their rooms are currently not this clean :)

xoxo, Melaine 

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