Wednesday, June 2, 2021

DIY raffia summer wreath

This is such a fun and easy DIY! 

It looks high end and expensive, but really, you can make it for around $10.00.

This DIY raffia summer wreath is easy to make and will be the perfect addition to your summer decor.

I started with a wire wreath form from the Dollar Tree. 

I looked for raffia there, thinking they would have it, but they didn't so I ordered mine here. 

Next you need to simply cut your raffia into 7" lengths. I used 1 roll of raffia for each row. I did a total of 3 rows, so 3 rolls of raffia.

To tie your raffia to your wreath form, you are going to use a knot called a lark's head knot. It is super easy and only looks complicated.

Take 2-4 strands of your raffia that you cut into 7" lengths, double them in half and thread the center point of your doubled raffia under the third ring of your wreath frame.

You want to pull the raffia taut but don't pull too hard or it will break, and you may break your wreath form as well.

Once you have gone all the way around the third ring, do the same to the inner ring. This one will be the one that shows, so make sure you have nice neat knots. I was going to finish with these two rings but decided to do another for a fuller look.

When finished, trim any frayed ends or loose pieces to create a nice circle, or leave them untrimmed for a more natural boho look.

Be sure to pin these images so everyone can see how easy it is to make a DIY raffia summer wreath!

xoxo, Melaine 


edie3 said...

Would this work on an unprotected door outside? It is so pretty!

edie3 said...

I love this! Would the raffia hold up on an unprotected outside door? Thank you.

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