Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday favorites

Happy Friday and welcome to another round of Friday favorites! 
Just a reminder. To take you to the links or sources, click on the BOLD type in this post.

I have found a couple designers this week with portfolios that I love! 

The first is April Tomlin Interiors.

Take a minute to browse her website, you will not be sorry!

I posted this room on my Instagram here and it blew up! It is the perfect mix of new and vintage, rustic and modern. Right up my alley.

The second is LeclairDecor. 

Gotta love that symmetry!

Ok, a few other things that caught my eye this past week!

I love a good snakeskin print, and this belt is a subtle take on it. 

These sea urchin wall decor pieces were used in this room. Love, love, love. 

Complete the look with this ceiling fan, these shams, and this rug. 

I found another source for my {and everyones} favorite coffee table book! It is a bit less expensive, still expensive, but it is a piece that will never go out of style! It is about half off of retail right here. 

I found some super comfy joggers on Amazon off all places, and got a great sweatshirt to go with! I am all about comfort these days!

Found a great chunky knit throw at a discounted price here. 

Also this Serena And Lily lookalike side table for indoors or out. 

We are still loving our Ruggable machine washable rugs. Talk about life changing! Use code FUNMELAINE15 at checkout for 15% your rug!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I will be pricing items and getting things ready for The Great Junk Hunt! Get your tickets here!

xoxo, Melaine 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

how I keep up on our pantry organization

Today I am joining some friends to bring you some of our pantry organization tips. 
{pantry barn doors}

While I would like to say our pantry looks like this all the time, it does not. 

About 4 times a year I pull everything out, wipe down the shelves, clean the floor, and throw away expired foods. 

As silly as this sounds, I only use these cleaning products because they smell so good and it puts me in a better mood and head space to tackle a project when things are clean and smell clean.

That is my first step to keeping things organized here. 

My second piece of advice is to group similar items together. 

In the above photo I have used a lasagne pan to keep all the snacking foods together. 

Below, all of our coffee, tea, and plastic ware are organized in a tray.

 Making a peanut butter and honey sandwich? Everything is grouped together on
 this white cake stand {which also frees up space in my cupboards}
Shop from other drawers or cupboards in your own home to find items to place things in/on.

You can find my favorite knife set here. So pretty they can be left on the counter and they look great!

I also like to utilize any open wall space with wall baskets. 
The top basket is filled with saran wrap, foil, etc. 
The bottom one has recipes I have printed out or saved from magazines.

Just like I grouped the peanut butters and honey, on this cake stand I grouped different bottles of oils and vinegars. 

Keeping things in matching jars and lids also keeps things looking cohesive. I like to use these jars and these lids with labels made from this label maker.

I usually write the expiration date on the bottom of the jar with a sharpie. 

Same goes for bulk foods, just bigger jars.

 I love using these for cereal. They keep cereal fresh for a long time. 

Click on the links below to take you to some more great organizing tips for your pantry.
And pin this image for future reference!

{pin me!}

If you regularly clean out your pantry and get rid of expired foods, etc. it is really easy to keep up on! 

xoxo, Melaine 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

our teen sons bedroom reveal

I am so excited to share with you today a little makeover we did on our sons bedroom!
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It is always fun to change things up, and this room was in need.

The first thing I did was have the room professionally painted. I usually paint everything myself, but I wanted the ceiling painted in his room and I loathe painting ceilings. I went dark and brought the wall color {Seal by Glidden} up onto the ceiling. I was a bit worried it would make things really dark in his room, but it really didn't! I think the high ceilings and lots of overhead lighting help.

Once the painters did the ceiling I realized how bad the walls looked. Years of nail and screw holes with bad patch jobs were standing out to me. So I had them patch all the holes and repaint. They did a way better job than I could have ever done. The bottom of the walls changed slightly. I went with Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams.

Cody was also in need of some new furniture. He has never had a new desk. I have always got his desks from thrift shops, etc. While there is nothing wrong with that, they were never quite right. So I splurged {although I waited for a sale} and bought him this desk. Not only is it the perfect size and finish, Pottery Barns white glove delivery was a dream. Nothing like having to haul a giant heavy desk up flights of stairs in the rain. Thank you delivery guys!
I was a little nervous about spending this kind of money on something I hadn't seen in person, but Cody and I both agreed it was worth taking our chances. And oh man! When it was delivered I did a happy dance. It was even better than I expected!

I got one of my favorite chairs {our dining room chairs!} and it fits perfectly in the desk opening. My Hermes dupe blanket keeps him cozy while doing homework. 

Another new piece in his room is this bed. It was very affordable, helping to balance out the price of the desk. Again, I was worried that the faux leather online would look cheap in person, but it exceeded my expectations as well. It is a great leather look alike and the color is fabulous. 

Again, because the bed was so affordable, I went with a little pricier bedding. I do believe in good sheets for a good nights sleep. Call me crazy but I honestly think that besides a good mattress, good bedding can actually help sleep.

I got this sheet set in dark grey, and these shams, and this matching duvet cover in grey.

I found the plaid pillows on clearance at HomeGoods for $9.00 each, score! 

The extra long lumbar pillow is from here. 
The grey blanket at the foot of the bed is something I already had. You can find a similar one here. 

For nightstands, I used what I had on hand too. On one side is this fun and inexpensive table, and on the other side is a black marble topped tulip table. Again, a mix of high and low.

The lamp is an old Ikea one from our living room. 

The trunk on this table holds all his phone chargers, headphones, remotes, etc. 

This faux floral arrangement was re purposed here from our kitchen island. The faux florals are in one of my favorite vases. 

I swiped the bench at the foot of his bed from Savannah's room. I love this bench so much. It has made its way through all of our bedrooms. I think I am going to get another one to go in her room, that's how much I love it. 
I got the metal basket from here although it looks like they no longer carry it. They do have similar items though. 

I also added a large cowhide in here and I love how it breaks up the expanse of grey carpet. 

The artwork is all from here. A great source for inexpensive art. I had him pick his favorites and had them printed at Costco.

The frames are one of my favorite things. They are from Framed And Matted. Framed And Matted has become a great source for me for frames because you can choose from so many options of materials and matte sizes. I chose the Addison frame with an oversized mat.

I also used these in our master bedroom, which I will be sharing with you shortly.

These fun little toys in his window sill are a nod to his love of cars.

And before I wrap this up, here are a couple more photos!

Today we will be installing closet doors. He has never had any and has never wanted them, but with these changes he's liking the cleaner look!

Click here to see what his closet looks like now, and how I made the organizer. 

xoxo, Melaine 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

splurge or save?

Round 2 of splurge or save! 

You guys really seemed to like the first one, so let's keep it going! To view the items, click on the bold type in each category.

First up is this great chunky knit blanket. You see them all over homes on Pinterest and Instagram, but they all seem to cost a fortune! I have found an equally great blanket for you at a fraction of the price.

To see these products click on the bold type {splurge or save}


I have always loved the Serena and Lily carson chair. Just not the price. This is a great dupe on the expensive chair, and there is not much difference.

This desk is very similar. I think I would give up that cross bar in the back to save over $600.00. 

I will admit that these are different sizes, but maybe you need a smaller coffee table anyway? The price difference is unreal.

Not the same, but close enough? The price might make you think twice.

And finally, this great natural pendant light. Serena and Lily vs. World Market.

Let me know pls. in the comments what items you'd like me to do more splurge or save posts on! 

xoxo, Melaine 

Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday favorites

Friday favorites is a place where I share my random thoughts, purchases, and wish list items, or just fun things I found on the web this week.

To view the items click on the bold type. 

I am loving this coffee table.

I just discovered this discount website. They have a great home section. Look at these prints for just over $5.00!

I am thinking of two of these for the foot of Cody's bed.

Just ordered this lipgloss.

Pairs great with this lipliner. 

Looking for a super comfy sectional? I came across this one and it looks so dreamy. It is also not a bad price point for a large piece of furniture. 

Every mom should own a pair of these mom jeans, in my opinion. 

Need to find a place for this cute stool in our home!

Want updates sent to you about postings I make? I don't have an email sign up anymore, but follow along on facebook for daily updates right here. 

And finally, World Market is having a huge furniture sale, up to 60% off through 1/20.

And don't forget you can save 15% off at Ruggable with code FUNMELAINE15

That's all for this week! 

xoxo, Melaine 

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