Wednesday, May 23, 2018

~Raili Ca Design~

I first discovered them on Instagram, and then an article popped up on Sunset Magazine with them, and it was fate. I was in love.
This article with Lonny on how to collab with your kid on a bedroom you'll both love was genius. 

I think the pictures speak for themselves. 
Here are a few of my favorites:


Monday, May 21, 2018

~gluten free vegan earl grey maple loaf~

Today I am sharing with you a "healthier" recipe.
Summer is coming and we all need to fit into those bathing suits, am I right?
However, if you are like me, you still crave desserts and sugary things, oh, and carbs.
Ok, so I like to eat.
Anyway, I saw this recipe and thought I'd adapt it a little and bring it to a potluck I recently attended.
Well, it was loved by all, so since it's been taste tested and approved, I thought I'd share the recipe with you.

Tuscan urn can be found here. I fill it with herbs and leave on the kitchen counter.
This round marble serving board comes in handy for so many things.

Drizzle cooled loaf with maple syrup and serve!


Friday, May 18, 2018

~Friday favorites~

This is an extra chic basket as shown in this bathroom.

I just purchased this fun download to frame by a summer bar area!
Speaking of bar carts, I am in the process of giving one I found in a free pile a face lift. I can't wait to show you!

This home tour is so fresh and welcoming.

I really want to get this book asap! I have pre-ordered it, don't forget to get your copy! I love Reese Witherspoon.

These jars are my favorite way to display summer blooms.

These are so fun and would be great in a kitchen, dining room, or on a bar cart. And I love that they are not only cute but double as storage!

Gotta love a good wedge shoe for this time of year!
I love the lace up feature on these.

Needing wedding gift ideas?
I love giving a gift that is totally custom.

The perfect tray for your kitchen.

See this great succulent garden party that my friend Jenny Keller hosted at our home.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, May 17, 2018

~10~ affordable things your house needs for summer~

To me, these things are a must have for summer entertaining, lounging, and living.

Easily move things from the kitchen to the deck, to the BBQ, etc.
Store melamine plates and silverware for impromptu gatherings.
This one is under $100!

2~ A pretty large pitcher or vase for flowers

Fresh flowers are a must have. I love picking up flowers from farm stands on the side of the road, or even picking from my own yard. They don't have to be fancy to make a big impact.
This pitcher is gorgeous and so is this glass vase. If you really want to repurpose an item, simply use a glass jar like this.

Besides gardenia I also love this scent in the summer. 

I like using these to hold extra sunscreen and bug spray. I leave it on the deck or right inside the door all Spring and Summer.


Bumps and bruises, bug bites and scrapes, they come with all the time spent outdoors.
Make sure you have an updated first aid kit on hand. This one is soooo cute!

From the pool to the beach, these towels are BIG and stylish & they fold up thin so they don't take up a lot of room.

What are some of your must haves for summer?


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

~deviled eggs with maple bacon bits~

My friend Jenny was over the other day and she was telling me about some deviled eggs she had at Nordstrom that were amazing.
She described them as maple bacon deviled eggs and said people rave about them.
Needing a side dish to bring to Mothers Day, I googled them and came up with a recipe from Boxwood Avenue. Fabulous blog to follow by the way.
So I adapted the recipe to what I had on hand and the result was so so good!

So here is my version and I really hope you try them, or pin the recipe for later.
Trust me, they are that good!

I hope you love these as much as I do!


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