Saturday, November 28, 2009

~beautiful simple Christmas decor~

I just love these photos
{found here} I am definitely taking a
"less is more"
approach this season...

I love the simplicity of the Christmas decor here.

A simple wreath is all that is added here,

but it makes a big statement!

One of my favorite things every December is
a gingerbread party my kids have with their friends.
They all ride the bus home and are welcomed by
hot chocolate and a ton of candy and frosting!
It's a lot of fun.

Now, I am off to hopefully finish my decorating!


Katie said...

Great pics, can't wait to see pics of YOUR decor :)

Barbara said...

What great ideas! I love the simplicity of the decorations.

aahcoffee said...


Hopeful Housewife said...

Love them!

Sara said...

These are so cute! Especially the first one... :)

Simply LKJ said...

I am right there with you! Love the simplicity of all the pictures. The "plastic" has been out in stores for months now, and to be honest...I am already sick of seeing it. These pictures are quite refreshing!!

Fabulously French said...

All are fabulous, I adore the first photo.


Anonymous said...

Love the simplicity and grace of the photos you have chosen. ``REAL``greenery! You can never go wrong with that!

Aaron said...

I love those white containters with the bulbs!

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