Sunday, November 15, 2009

~etsy update~

I have just added some fun vintage glassware to my etsy shop!
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I just love mason jars!
Here are a few things you can do with them!
• The kitchen.
The jars can substitute for measuring cups because amounts in ounces and cups are listed on the side. They're perfect for mixing salad dressings as well as storing soups and sauces in the refrigerator. And they're practical for bulk pantry items such as beans, rice, pasta and cereal, acting as canisters that keep them safe from household pests.

• The bathroom.
They're a convenient container for cotton balls and bath salts.
• The kid bedroom. Jars are more useful and decorative than deep bins or toy chests: You can actually see the Legos, Barbie shoes, action figures, rubber balls and marbles at a glance. Of course, an adult should be around to handle the jars because they're made of glass.
• The office.
They hold pens, pencils, rubber bands and paper clips.
• The garage.
Jars suitably store screws, nails and paint brushes. Perhaps you've seen the old-fashioned method of bolting jar lids to the underside of a workbench to secure the jars of hardware.

Ball Mason jars also are convenient for caging ball-shaped items.
"It's a way for knitters to contain yarn so it doesn't roll around and become tangled," says Carol Eddington, head designer of Yarn Shop and More in Overland Park, Kan. Yarn can be kept straight if a strand is threaded through a hole in the lid. "I've heard of the same method for household balls of twine."


The Little Red Shop said...

Wonderful photos and fun ideas! My carriage house came with one of those "built-in" turning jar nut/bolt caddies.

Hope you are enjoying the rain on this fine Sunday!

: )

Julie M.

Its So Very Cheri said...

Those milk jugs are gorgeous. I always love unique pieces that have character.


gatherings home said...

Hey Melaine! Hope all is well and you and the family had a great time on your little holiday. I am planning to put a few of the shop's items up on my blog for sale soon and it just so happens I still have that awesome ottoman you asked me about (nothing like waiving it under your nose!). Anyway, I hope we get the chance to see each other soon. Take care and should I not get a chance....have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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