Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~the chippier the better~

It's no secret that I love chippy, peely, white paint.
This is my family room~the sofa table behind the couch.
Hard to tell from the photo, but there is plenty of
chippy paint on it, as well as on the old oar and metal rusted basket.
Photo by Kim.
This room found over here.
I love the headboard, so simple yet so beautiful.

And I am sure you have all seen the next 2 photos

from Country Living, but I never tire of looking at them.

~This photo marries my 2 loves~
white chippy walls and
rusted white metal............

I had a lot of comments on this post.
It seems that a lot of you liked this sign and wanted one for yourself.
I did happen to come across some more wood
{and no, not out of the garbage this time!}
So I have made one guest cottage sign,
{so far}
and a couple "good times"
chippy signs.

I will be listing them in my etsy shop shortly.

Each one is unique as the wood is all different.
One thing they share in common though is that
fabulous chippy white paint!

I hope you enjoy!
Have a great day!


Sami Mastrario said...

I love the chipped paint look to! My future house is going to be so mismatched because it will have different themes for rooms. Love the signs!


Wilhelmiina said...

Wow Love love love -so gorgeous pictures.

Florence said...

Love it all, the chippy paint and all. Thanks for sharing. Florence

Blondie's Journal said...

Your family room is right out of a magazine. Love it, especially the oar! I did my last post on a nautical theme with a chippy white table I have. And believe it or not, I have a 'Guest Cottage' in the post as well!!


Heidi said...

I just found your blog from someone else's and love your style! I'm also from Seattle, so I'll have to keep checking in with you to see where you find great things here. What flea markets do you go to, and have you found any great thrift or consignment stores that you just love? I'll have to check out your etsy shop as well! Love your style! -- Heidi

Valerie said...

I love the look! So relaxed, I get the feeling of being at the cottage just looking at the pictures! Thank you so much for posting!

bullie_mama said...

I love your style and your creations. You are so inspiring. I've been on the hunt for an old, antique metal basket - they are so cool.

Momma Rhyne said...

Gorgeous!! I love that headboard!

Decorchick! said...

Love it, and also love chippy paint! Your signs are great.

Jackie said...

Love it all! So cozy!

LuLu said...

I've been on the hunt for chippy signs.... yours are just soooo great!!! Love it and your style

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

I didn't realize how much I too like "White Chippy" painted wall and things, but i realize it now!
Great ideas!

Simply LKJ said...

Love white chippy paint! The signs are fantastic...need to find me some old chippy wood.

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

I love the signs!


Kim G. said...

I love chippy white paint. Wanted to let you know I just did a small makeover on my kitchen if you were interested in checking it out, for some reason I don't have your email, thanks!

Shannan Martin said...

I'm so far gone for chippy, I may just never return...

Rozmeen said...

Love the signs in chippy paint.

I am new in blogland can you tell me what an etsy shop is. Can I buy a sign. And what is the shipping fee to holland.


Dominique said...

I love the white chippy paint. Beautiful pics.

Alecia said...

Love the Good Times! Sooo cute :-)

Amanda said...

please oh please oh please list these signs on etsy. i NEED one of the "good times" ones in a blank space above my kitchen sink. it's the perfect thing for my empty space i've been dying to fill. :)

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