Wednesday, June 2, 2010

~our weekend part one~Lone Pine~

One of my favorite things about vacations,
whether you are traveling near or far,
is discovering new places.
On our memorial day weekend camping trip we were heading back from the pool,
a road we have driven on for many years.
We happened to stop at this little store along the side of the road.
I am sure we have passed this little place a dozen times over the past years.
The kids needed to eat and it looked quite charming from the road. As you open up the creaky front door you are immediately
struck by the sent of fresh baked bread, bakery items, and ice cream.
3 of my favorite things I might add.
I was in Heaven.

Cute little vintage shelves with their chippy paint were
filled with antiques and new home decor items.
Shelves and shelves of homemade candles added to the beautiful aroma.

There was something for everyone
everything was displayed so cute!

They even had farm fresh produce!

Soft gooey chocolate chip cookies, 4 for $1
did I mention I was in Heaven?

This is an old truck that sits by the road outside
the shop reading
Lone Pine cafe.

You can see why we had to pull in.

The building itself was gorgeous.
It's old.
The older the better right?
I think this is the only time I have enjoyed seeing Christmas
bulbs still strung on a building in late May!

Cody got to eat his ice cream in this wood truck.

The rest of us ate in the sunshine on the deck.
I had chocolate covered espresso beans
and a to die for vanilla latte.
Put Starbucks to shame.
On the counter where you pick up your order there
are stacks of back issues of cottage living and country home.
Double Heaven.

The surrounding gardens were equally spectacular.

Everywhere you looked there was something new to see.

I wonder what the stories are that go with this old tractor?

Tons and tons of colorful flowers, so many varieties.
In the middle of it all was a man made waterfall.
{sorry didn't get a picture of it}

A local artist makes rustic garden sculptures
such as this fish that appeared to be "jumping" in the water.

Everything looked wild,
yet perfectly manicured.

On our way back to the car I spotted this
old barn wood planter with succulents creeping out of the gaps.

And a couple old wheelbarrows filled with annuals.

Fresh fruits and veggies anyone?

I had almost reached the car when I spotted a sign.
"visit our antique porch"
don't mind if I do.
How cute is this?
Poor husband had to wait in the car for another 30 minutes
with the kids and their dripping ice cream cones.
But I was alone, amongst flowers and antiques, shopping,
and you guessed it,

We will make sure to stop at this place again,
every year memorial day weekend.
I hope you all had a great weekend as well.
I will be back with more vacation photos tomorrow!


Seawashed said...

Those are the best kind of places. We discovered an entire town nestled in the redwoods just off the road that we had traveled for 20 yrs to our favorite family vacation destination. Now we never forget to go visit Occidental off the Bohemian hwy when we go camping. The cafe serves the best pie pockets and vegan muffins in the world.

Angela said...

What a great post!! Can you tell me where this place is? I'd really like to go.
I was visiting in New Braunfels, TX over the holiday weekend and my sister-in-law bought a washing machine tub and stand exactly like that one for her front porch. Isn't it wonderful?!

Martha Carolyn said...

What a neat place to stumble upon! An absolute dream!! I would love to own a shop like that! I love the idea of old issues of country magazines on the counter.

Dominique said...

These pics are so amazing.

Teresa said...

One of my favorite places to stop during our Wenatchee trips. :) Great pastries, produce, coffee and wine!!!

Terrell said...

Oh wow!! That place looks like you could spend the entire day there! What a fun post! Thank you for sharing!

Lilliedale said...

I love that old washing machine with flowers in it. I have one the same exact color in my backyard waiting to be turned into a fountain, maybe I'll put some flowers in it for now. Beautiful photos, I can't wait to see more.

bullie_mama said...

Cute! Reminds me of that little Plain Hardware Store outside of Leavenworth! I LOVE finds like that - very cool! All the beautiful Lupine and fun antiques - wow! Thanks for sharing a new WA treasure with us!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

What a dream place to find! I would love to find a place like that....yes, heaven!

Simply LKJ said...

What a quaint little place...great photos! I would get "lost" in there for hours.

Olive said...

Serindipity. That's what it was.


Diana said...

That looks like the best little countryside store ever! Like a pretty little oasis!

Soulful Mama said...

What a charming little place.
~ Clare x

Melanie said...

That place looks fantastic and it looks just like you!

Susan said...

Your discovery looks especially charming with the pink and purple lupine out in front! My husband would be hesitant to stop at a place like that for fear of my getting caught up no matter how hungry he might be! You did very well to only keep him waiting for half an hour! Sweet find!

Shelby said...

Cute find! That looks like an awesome place to explore! :)

Unknown said...

What a nice surprise. I love it when I discover someplace new.
I heard a rummer that you are going to The Farm Chick Show?! So am I! I fly on Sat and go to the show on Sunday, so don't be surprised if a stranger is waving like a crazy lady at you!

Patty's Stitches said...

Definitely looks like a little piece of Heaven. I'd love to browse around in there for a while too!

Chez Zizi said...

That is such a cute store. I love it.

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