Thursday, September 9, 2010

~what I've been up to~

I have been busy, busier than ever.
I am getting ready for the French flea market on Saturday, super excited!
I hope you can make it!
It's sure to be a good time rain or shine.
There are lots of fabulous vendors and we all have tents in case of rain.
Remember, there is a Starbucks right on the corner if you need to warm up!
I'm also bringing fresh baked cookies!
Sound good?
I knew I could tempt you with goodies! I've spent the day loading up one of the cars,
{yes, I have 2 car fulls}
crafting, sewing, and baking.
One thing I did was rip a bunch of covers off vintage books
I know, but don't they look so pretty?

I tied them together with paper ribbon and added tissue paper flowers to the tops.
I love this combination!

I hope you all are having a great day!


Julie said...

I discovered your blog a few weeks ago & have been enjoying reading your posts. But this one really makes me jealous! I'd love to be able to go!

Amy R. said...

Good luck! Wish I could come!

savvycityfarmer said...

looks like a day fir for a queen!!!

most of my old books are minus their covers...wink wink

savvycityfarmer said...

p.s I really do know how to spell for ...ooops
get so excited

Leslie said...

So beautiful, wish I lived close!!! Love the books, I have done my fair share of tearing covers off lately, love yours with the flowers on top! Good luck!

Heidi said...

those look SOOO pretty! Do you have a tutorial for the flowers? They are so cute, I would love to try to make some!

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

Love your flowers on top of the books! Don't ya just love old books? :)


Erin said...

these are amazing! i wish i could be there!!!

Allison said...

The French flea market sounds fun! I wish I lived closer. Your flowers are so pretty on top of your vintage books. Very sweet and romantic. Have fun at the flea market! I am sure your crafts and baked goods will be a hit.

Tammy said...

That show sounds like alot of fun...wish I could go...:-(
and I love your paper flowers on the books. I did a bunch of old paperback books this way but minus the that touch!
Have a great sale- will be looking for pics !!

Dreamy Whites said...

Hello Melaine,
I LOVE this.... Such a great idea.
You are the most creative girl I know....
I wish I lived closer, I would for sure come see you at the flea market.... I hope you have a great weekend!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~*Just beautiful are so creative!Hope your sale is alot of fun~*~*Blessings,Rachel~*~*

Unknown said...

Bummer I live other side of the world otherwise I would come to fleamarket.Bookpackets look so pretty.Good luck for selling.

All That Jazz said...

Those look divine! Would be a fun way to wrap a gift, too! I hope the market is a success and I am surely going to try to head down there!! I hope I make it in time for the treats! :-)

Daydream Living said...

Goodmorning Melaine!
It's a shame I live too far away but you have fun Saturday and I like the idea of the flower on the books. Bye now!

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Hi Melanie

I really admire the way you put so much energy, good taste and enthusiasm into all your projects. I would love to see your stand at the fair, please take loads of pictures.
Hope it's a huge success!
My French Country Home

Yelena said...

Dear Melanie
I'm from Israel , I have been raeding your blog for more then two months now. Your post are very inspiring and your crafts are amazing!!!! I would like to know if it's possible to buy your pillows for the Esty shop and have them ship to Israel? Thank you for being such an inspirition.

###### said...

totally pretty..great blog. glad i ran across it.

paige said...

first of relation to your previous post
i told you that you were looking mighty fine! (in a completely non-weirdo heterosexual way of course)
seriously, how awesome!
love the old books look too

have a super weekend xo

Paula said...

Gosh - if i could hire a private plane from England to get there I would! Have a great day - please take lots of pictures - LOVE your blog! x

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your books with the tissue flowers are AMAZING!!! You have inspired me to head to goodwill today! Have a great weekend! So wish I lived close!

Rosanne said...

Were you there last year around this time? I think I may have been there! We were visiting friends in Seattle and went to the cutest little outdoor shopping mall and stumbled upon a little french market in the parking lot. I bought a few things too! Sadly I live in Phoenix, so I won't be coming this year.

Lateda said...

I will see you there Chickie! :)

stefanie said...

swooning!!! they are gorgeous, oh I wish I lived closer!!!

MJ said...

Melaine....Ive seen this and think it looks really nice! I like your flower much better thank what I saw. Good luck.

Jacqui said...

So very pretty! Enjoy your day!

[email protected] said...

pretty books... love that idea!

Dawn said...

Looks like a great day I wish I lived closer. Let us know how it went.


Sommers Breeze Antiques said...

Ohhh My!!
I love that! A perfect blend on French Shabby and soft elegant!fantamau

Lynne said...

Love your blog...went to the flea market was a wonderful time! Your booth was darling. perfect location!

Cassie said...

Wish i could come! Love that paper flower and book combo! SO cute! tutorial.....?

Sheila said...

Hi Melaine:

I chatted with you briefly today. I did find something to come home with me from the flea market today. A cute shabby pink bookcase. Now I just need some time to reorganize my books!

Slim Paley said...


Best Wishes,
Slim Paley :)

re:Inspire said...

These are so dreamy! I have stripped a few vintage books myself lately! Beautiful!!

Kristen White said...

Those beautiful flowers are the crowning touch for the books....gorgeous!

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