Friday, November 26, 2010

~black friday randomness~

My day started early.
I got up at 5 am to hit the stores and get all my Christmas shopping done.
Here is how it went down.
Walk into Kohl's at 5:30.
5:30~6:00 am, fill my cart {or bag rather because they were out of carts}
6:00 am, wonder why all these people are stopped in the middle of the store.
6:02 am, figure out that it is because they are in line, a really long line.
Like so long, I never did find the end of it.
6:02 and a half~ditch the cart and walk over to Target.
Once at Target I was finding it hard to maneuver my cart because of the people standing in line, which circled the store twice and went up and down isles.
Before actually shopping I did find someone who worked there
and asked them how long it would take to go through the checkout line.
2 1/2 hours minimum.
6:10~ditch the Target cart and go back to my car, drive home.
6:30~crawl back into bed and sleep in till 10.
Lesson learned, never doing that again.
It's been a super lazy day of sitting on the couch and eating fudge, fudge, and more fudge.
We did make it out this afternoon to replace our broken treadmill, kinda funny since all we did all day is eat fudge.
I think we all need days like this every now and then, my thighs don't, but I do.
I found this picture and thought it would be a cool craft project,
that's all, it's just kinda festive.
{from here}
I think tomorrow I will venture back out into the real world and do a little shopping, but for now, it's back to the couch and back to the fudge.
Hope your having a lazy couch/fudge day yourself.


Estela @ Weekly Bite said...

I did the black friday thing once and vowed to never do it again. My mom and I were up at 4am... it was insane!

Tammy said...

OMGoodness. That is terrible. I went out later today after lunch but only to hobby lobby, joanns and michaels and not for stuff on sale - junk I needed.
Crazy- much easier to black friday via the computer.
Hope you enjoyed your fudge :)

Jenni said...

this was my first year doing black friday and i pretty much had the same experience! blahhhhh, i realized it is NOT for me and vowed never, never again!

Bring Pretty Back said...

This is the first time in years I havem'nt gone. VERY happy I didn't! Fudge... now you're singin' my tune!
Have a pretty day

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I am laughing because I have been so addicted to some fudge I found at our grocery - Kings Royal Fudge - chocolate - I can't stop eating it! I need to detox but I love it!

Merripie said...

Sorry to hear your black Friday was such a shopping bust.My yearly tradition is spend black Friday at my kitchen table in my sweatpants creating my own Christmas decorations and gifts. It's more fun and a whole lot cheaper. mmm...fudge : )

Unknown said...

I wish this day were a Toys for Tots day instead of a Toys R Us day. (or Target or Kohls) People do have to stop the madness.

Hillcrest Acres said...

Oh how funny, I did the same thing. Left the house around 9:00 (not as early as you). Walked into the Gap because the whole store was 50% off. It was so packed, I couldn't even get through the store. Put the pair of jeans down I picked up and walked out. Went to Macy's, made my way through some of the store and then decided it wasn't worth it. Went back home and sat myself down on the couch.

dewgiesgirl said...

Next time do everything on line. They have the deals and usually free shipping. That way you can eat all the fudge you want while shopping in your jammies! :)

Blondie's Journal said...

It takes a certain sort of person who can brave Black Friday. I am glad to find we are a lot alike. I was eating cupcakes all day!


Debra said...

I went out on black friday once and learned my lesson. It only takes once... Staying home eating fudge sounds much better! :)

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

Good heavens, girl! You're more woman than me! I am amazed that you headed out ;)

Hopefully your weekend will be more of a shopping success.
Love that craft project idea...
you are JUST the girl to make it happen.
Hope your holiday was smashing!

bullie_mama said...

I too got up at o-dark-thirty to brave the crowds. 4:30am at Kohls and yes, I did stand in the hour long line. But it was worth it, hit Macy's & Target and back in bed by 7:30am!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

LOL!! You were so smart to ditch your cart!! ;)Rachel

Anonymous said...

Two years ago I took my son and niece (then age 12) to Target when they opened on Black Friday. They had spent Thanksgiving Day together, looking at the ads and thinking how awesome everything was, planning out what they wanted to get. I told them I would get up and take them to give them the experience. But, I informed them over and over again that they wouldn't really buy anything. They didn't believe me until they saw the line wrap all around the store and then they realized I was right! I resisted the urge to shout, "hey people, you're all nuts and I wouldn't stand in that line even if they were givin' stuff away free!" Sleep and fudge....."priceless". Ha!
:) J in WA

Merritt said...

That's why I'll never do the black Friday thing. So not worth saving a couple of dollars. Most stores have the same great deals online anyway. Fudge was totally the way to go!

Kendra said...

Yep, that's why I don't venture out of the house on Black Friday. I don't even what to get into the road traffic. Plus, you have all year to work off the holiday fudge, right!?

Cheryl said...

I don't understand Black Friday either. I actually went to Kohl's too, but not until 10:00. No lines, but no carts either. The lady who got my cart when I was finished with it said that she had been shopping since 10:00 the previous night! 12 hours of shopping through the night?! Not for me!
Fudge sounds really good right now.

Unknown said...

That is why I shop on-line! Your signs and pillows are enough for me ; o )

jo said...

Funny story. To add to that, my daughter manages Metro Park at the Mall of America. She didn't have to be at work until 8. there were 4 others there at 3:00 A.M. At 3:00 a.m. there were people lined up outside her store for blocks. They opend at 4 and at 5 they called my daughter telling her she needed to come in because they were so swamped the 4 of the couldnt take care of it. By 6:00 a.m. they had reached their quota for the day. She called once things settled down - about 9 and said the store was trashed. People even took signs out of their holders. Huh? Black Friday is never going to be for me!

Meg said...

I've worked in retail for over a decade and the best time to shop is Black Friday night. Most of the sales are still happening and it is most VERY SLOW...good luck shopping today!

BearShe Cottage said...

Just reading your account of Friday has stresed me out. I'm glad your back home relaxing.

Anonymous said...

I've done black Friday in the past and it made me realize I just don't have the stamina or the patience for it. So we just lazed around yesterday as well. Perfect day!
Good luck out there today, hopefully the lines won't be as crazy.

[email protected] said...

I did the black Friday once, but we went to Best buy around 10am got a TV and headed out, that was a few years back. I can't do the whole pushing and shoveling for items.

Robin @ A Bird Loves Her Nest said...

Fudge sounds like a great idea! I did the Toysrus Black Friday that actually started at 10pm. Our store had it done right. I was 197th in line. I was in about 20 minutes. They only let 50 people in the store at a time. Way less chaos and the line moved really fast since most people only go for a couple things. We were in and out laid the kids down (Daddy is deployed so they had to go with me). Set the alarm for 3am to catch the Walmart sales, refreshed my cart for the new prices, paid and went back to sleep.

Kelley said...

too funny Melaine!...You are so brave to go out there with the crazies on "the day" after!

Love to hear about fudge eating too! Yum

xx kelley

Unknown said...

What a cute story of your black Friday. Every year me and my daughters make black Friday sweatshirts and go out. But...we don's shop. We just go to hassle everyone thats out and get coffee.

It makes it a fun start for Christmas and seeing all the decorations out! I never shop on black Friday!

Hope you have a great holiday season this year.

Thanks for posting.

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