Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~ a FREE canvas offer & the Ramsign winner announced~

I have blogged about these canvas' before, but hadn't gone into much detail about them.
I ordered my first one back in November from Canvas People.
I wanted to do a grid of them, but wanted to order a sample to see if I liked the product enough to invest more money into 4 of them.
Well, when it arrived in the mail I was shocked at how good the quality was.
I love these canvas', I can't say enough good things about them.
I then went on to order 3 more for myself and I also ordered them for Christmas gifts for the grandparents.
I want to do one next of our dog Hunter. So, where am I going with this you ask?
Here is the good news!
are giving away a FREE 8x10 to anyone who clicks on my link to take them there!
Did you hear that?
What's even better is you can upgrade to a 11x14
{which I did} for a mere $14.99!
They go up to an 18x24 in size and you can order as many as you like at this price.
I am not sure how long this offer will last, so if you are thinking about ordering them, you should do so soon.
I think I will do these as mother's day gifts as well, maybe even end of the year teacher gifts.
If you have a special photo you would like turned into a piece of art, click here to take you to Canvas People.
I will also put a link on the upper right hand corner of this page for future reference.
And, the winner of the Ramsign giveaway is........
the writer of the blog




WhiteWhispers2u said...

Awesome Thanks!

paperbird said...

I just received the first issue of the Gazette- WOW!
Everything was SO wonderful!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I just tried to order and for some reason the discount isn't showing up??? ~Kim

Anonymous said...

Can you please explain how the discount occurs? I have tried looking at Canvas People offer before and become frustrated because there is not a phone number or contact information. Thanks,Michelle

Anonymous said...

Yes is all I got was free shipping and 50% off my 2nd canvas.Are you sure you don't need a promo code?
Costco also offers these as well.

Ally Smith said...

I just tried to order a free canvas, and I am also having trouble. I would love to order one soon before the offer ends. Thanks so much!! :)

Melaine Thompson said...

sorry everyone~the link was incorrect! I fixed it and you should be able to get your free one now! :)

Heather Salazar said...

As always you have the best gift offers!

How I got it to work was input my name and shipping info after that the price of the canvas zeroed out to only shipping remained.



P.S. if you haven't tried these from Costco they are really good quality too, I did one last year of my sons whole class for their school auction and it was pretty darn cute! (I used this photo link to create a cartoon image

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Works Perfect Now! I bought 3 due to 50% off any others ordered.Thanks Kim

Rebecca said...

Very excited to see mine when it comes in the mail! Also, I wanted you to know, I LOVE your playlist. I listened to it all day at work today!

[email protected] said...

Melaine - woohoo!! I'm so excited to win.

PS: I don't know if you remember me but your master bedroom inspired me to paint our bedroom in fossil butte. (The paint color name still cracks me up.)

Thanks for all your creativity and inspiration.

bucolic beauty said...

Would someone who has already ordered their free canvas be so kind as to tell me how much shipping and handling is? Please and thank you.

Melaine Thompson said...

I believe shipping is around $14.00! :)

bucolic beauty said...

Thank you, Melaine.

indiansummer said...

I love the grid you made! Your kids are adorable.

Great offer, too.

Chris -East Coast Suburbanite said...

Great. Just ordered my canvas! yippee. now the flowers hubs gave me will for Valentines day will be around a lot longer as art work. THanks :)

Jill said...

Hi: I got my free 8x10 and then got another one for 50% off which was great.One issue you need to be aware of though. They charge $14.99 for each one to ship. The product is great and for sure worth that.

Tara said...

So I guess this deal isn't going on anymore? I used the perma-link at the top of your blog page, however, I can't get anything but 60% off (which brings the canvas to $20) and free shipping. Even when I go through the entire process. I know it's just $5 savings, but yeah. Thought you should know that the deal they gave you is no longer happening, I guess, and you may want to remove the link?

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