Thursday, April 28, 2011

~restoration hardware like wall art, the look for less~

Don't have $450.00 to spend on one of these great pictures?
 Here is how you can get the look for less.
First of all you need a book full of great sketches that suit your liking.
I just picked up a book on Leonardo Da Vinci at the Goodwill outlet for 49 cents and got about 30 pictures out of it. You can also find these on amazon here.
 These are framed in simple barn wood frames you can find at your local craft shop, or if they don't have them, I found a seller on etsy that has a bunch, and they are very inexpensive. 
You can get a matte cut but it will set you back around $10-$15.
If you want to do this project on the cheap, just take your book page/sketch to your local copy center and enlarge it, or shrink it depending on the size of your frame. 
I would do this on a color copier because although they are black and whites, there is a little bit of brown usually and this helps with that "vintage" look.
If you browse the Restoration Hardware site, or go to any of their shops, you will see these types pictures all over the place. 
I was browsing through their catalog today and on almost every page they have these on the walls.
If barn wood is not your thing, you can also scout out thrift shops to find inexpensive antique frames. I like the thin gold frames, and wood ones as well.
So, instead of spending $450.00 per piece, you are looking at more like under $15.00 without a matte, and around $25.00 with a matte.
I'll be back soon to show you what I did with mine!
Happy framing!
Don't forget to enter the giveaway here if you haven't done so already!


La Maison Fou said...

That is a great alternative. I have done this in the past, using sketches from life drawing classes from college.
Personal,unique and more bang for the buck!

AntiqueChase said...


Miss Obara said...

I LOVE Restoration Hardware, but yes, there stuff is WAY too expensive. I am actually working on doing this for our master bedroom...I LOVE when you can replicate for cheap!!!

kate said...

Such a great idea! I am going to borrow it for my dining room! Thanks for sharing!

Screaming Meme said...

You are so creative! great idea! I am having a giveaway...well a series of them...starting with a slipcover! :) I thought I would stop in to let you and your readers know...

Xo, Meme

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love restoration hardware too. Ironically, I did a "the look for less" post today as well. Check it out.

I also took a Picasso posters coffee table book and ripped out some art I liked and framed it with frames on sale from Michaels. You can find that here :

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