Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~a circle creek giveaway~

 My friends John and Brenda have generously offered to give away 6 bars of their amazing hand poured soaps. 
Now, let me start by saying that I am a body wash kinda girl.
Not too much into soaps.
But, John and Brenda gave me a few of their soaps to try and no joke, I am hooked!
They don't get all slimy in the shower 
{hate that!}
and they last forever! 
 Each one smells delicious and they are all very mild.
{I have very sensitive skin and had no problems with their soaps}
 John and Brenda are a fun loving husband and wife team who love to junk together, and make home made creations. Their booths at flea markets are nothing short of fabulous and they always have a huge smile on their faces every time I see them!
You can read more about them on their blog, here.
 So, here is the soaps you will win in this giveaway:
Fresh Lemon Verbena 
Sweet Mango Papaya
Rosemary Mint
Peppermint Tea Tree
Citrus Lime
Lemon Grass
I will pick a winner on Monday the 23rd, just leave a comment here telling me what your favorite childhood summer memory is.


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NeeNee said...

My favorite childhood memory is being in my grandma's kitchen and my grandpa bringing a baby piglet for me to see. She said, "John, get that pig out of the kitchen."

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