Tuesday, May 1, 2012

~May happenings~

Lot's happening this month.

At the end of May we do our annual camping trip with the whole extended family to Lake Chelan.

My niece turns 3, and I am helping with the "princess party" decorating.

May 11th and12th is the Ruffles and Rust vintage market, are you going?

Also on May 12th, our neighborhood is having our huge annual garage sale!
~Rain or shine~
{it will be in the lodge if it rains, or in the tennis courts if it's sunny!}
Stay tuned for more details!
I have so much crap great vintage treasures to sell! 
If you go to the Ruffles and Rust show in Monroe, head on over after, we are only 10 minutes away!
{look for Crystal Lake Garage sale signs, and also check craigslist, there will be ads}

Mothers day is the 13th, I am hoping for some new window boxes.......
cross your fingers for me!

Who's going to The Farm Chicks show June 2nd and 3rd.
I'm trying to find a way to go......
Serena, the genius brain behind the show, is also hosting some pretty fun giveaways on her blog here.
Be sure to check those out.

And speaking of giveaways, be sure to enter the one below in yesterday's post, it's a good one!

I have been updating my etsy shop a bit, trying, trying, trying to make new items. 
This month my goal is to make a lot more union jack pillows out of vintage fabric remnants and also to make lots of chunky picture frames out of reclaimed wood.

I painted a new tray for our dining room shelves~inspired by the one in this post.
Can you spot it?
Ok, enough rambling for one day!


Karena said...

Melaine, You do have lots going on! May always seems to be a very busy month!!We have 4 family birthdays, Mothers Day of course plus openings and parties!!

2012 Artist Series featuring Designer and Paper Artist; Anita Rivera ( of Castles Crowns and Cottages)is in on my site! I hope you will visit...

Art by Karena

following-friends said...

Wow, you are very busy. But it all sounds fun. It is nice that you have a job that you love. That is the best. With your upcoming vacation to the lake, you might be interested in my "Lake Rules Sign". Check out my Etsy Store - http://www.etsy.com/listing/97047853/lake-rules-framed-sign-free-shipping

Jacqui said...

Enjoy your holiday to the lake! Love visiting your blog...

gatherings home said...

We call May the month of mourning...as in mourning all the cash we inevidibly spend on birthdays, mother's day, gardening and home projects!

Bailey said...

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