Sunday, July 1, 2012

~give your old baskets new life~

Do you ever have light colored baskets that you wish were a dark rich brown?
Don't throw them out, I have an easy solution for you.

I bought this lamp recently at an antique store on the way to one of our camping trips.
I loved it but didn't really like the light color of the basket.

 Here's what I did to give it an instant update.

First I taped off the jug because I didn't want it to get any paint on it.
 Second, you will need this spray.
{here's a coupon for you to print}

You can find it at your local craft shop in the floral section.
It comes in a variety of colors, I like the glossy wood tone.
 Take your project outdoors and spray light coats.
Spray over and over again until you get the color you desire.
You can see in this picture below, the right is sprayed and the left is not.
I just wanted to show you the color difference.
 This stuff dries fast.
Remove all the tape and bring indoors.
 Voila, easy peasy lamp makeover.
Here's a side by side comparison.



Stacey {steward of design} said...

Cute lamp! Thanks for the tip.

Paula said...

Apart from the fact that this is a VERY nice transformation - WHERE did you get that fabulous lamp - it's absolutely fantastic and VERY cool!
Paula x

[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

Love it, such a great lamp. I also use stain to darken my baskets. Works like a charm. I just use a brush and brush it on. Dries to perfection. Hugs, Marty

[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

I didn't know if you knew that you have word verification. It took me 3 tries to leave a comment. You can turn it off and really don't have to worry about spam or anything. It sure would help when leaving comments.

Now let's see if I can leave this one in the first try. Hugs, Marty

Linda in AZ * said...

*** Hi, Melanie~ I've been reading you when I can, but it's time to sign up for e-mail so I'll KNOW when you've posted another one of your GR888 BLOGS!!! Buuuut, I don't see a "sign-up" for e-mail... did I miss it somehow???

Great idea here... I did ALOT of back-reading & just had so much fun & will come back later after we return...

May I say I somehow, LUCKILY, "discovered" your April 15, 2010 blog with that I*N*C*R*E*D*I*B*L*E, custom- designed, woodworking that covers/disguises the fridge... ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! (I just HAD to show it to my husband & even HE liked it ... ALOT, too!)... I think you might want to re-post it, for those who never got to see it, since it's been two years... waddayasay, girlfriend??? I'll be there will be ALOT of "drooling" going on... seems like ALL you do is just FAB!!!


Linda in AZ *
[email protected]

Linda in AZ * said...

*** OOPS! In my haste to not be late, plz know the LAST SENTENCE should read "I'll BET..."... Tnx, Linda ***

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

I've used Glossy Wood Tone spray for years....there's lots of great ways to use it.

Shell in your Pocket said...

so cute!
sandy toe

Pudel-design said...

Looks great again;)
Thank you for sharing.
Lovely greetings...

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