Tuesday, November 27, 2012

~our Christmas lights at night~

The lights are up, and as promised, here are the photos!
{you can click on any to enlarge}
 Here is the tree that we used the lift to get too.
50 feet up we went with 26 boxes of lights!
{they are white, I don't know why they look green in the picture!}

Thank you to my dad for taking these photos!

And speaking of Christmas, my talented friend Patricia over at Tippy Stockton is having a 25 days of Christmas sale until December 18th! 
There will be different specials each day that will be announced on her blog here. 


Anna @ A Good Home said...

Totally lovely :) I'm definitely a fan of a monochromatic white look for outdoor lighting. And how weird that the lights look green in the pictures!

Unknown said...

So pretty! They must be stunning in person. I love the lights in the eaves of your pretty home the best. Magical. Thanks for sharing.

Sew a Fine Seam said...

Lovely! And I love the lights in that tall tree!

Dona said...

So pretty! I need some creative help, do you make house calls:) Want to change things up this year! I'm thinking pine, white candles & apples! Don't even want to bring out my totes, hmmm...

Sara said...

Beautiful!!! Are you going to keep the lights on your tree or take them down?

Between You and Me said...

Your lights look gorgeous!! I don't think you've ever shown us this much of the outside of your home...you guys have worked SO incredibly hard to make it what it is!

Tell me about the pergola that goes up the stairs.....does that walkway go up to your front porch?


Unknown said...

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