Wednesday, December 5, 2012

~our new couch~

Looks the same right?
Well, here's the story of our Ikea sectional that is no longer......
 I loved the look of the Ikea slipcovered couch, and I didn't think it was all that uncomfortable.
But my husband, and even the kids disagreed.
When you sit down you butt would hit the wood frame, not the best quality if you catch my drift. 
However, for the money, it was great.
Lately though my husband has been telling me that it was time for something a little bit better quality, like a couch with oh, maybe springs? 
So, we looked, and looked, and couldn't agree on anything.
The criteria was this:
for me it had to have the same look as the Ikea one, and for my husband it had to be comfortable.
Sounds easy right? 
Well, not if you have to dip into your kids' college fund to do so.
Good quality sectionals are expensive!
 A few days ago I decided to search on craigslist
{which I never have luck on}
and there she was.
A $5,000.000 Pottery Barn slipcovered sofa in the perfect cream
 color with down filled cushions, and yes, springs,
 for a fraction of the retail price!
I think I emailed her 5 times in a row as the ad was a couple days old,
 I thought for sure it was gone.
 But it wasn't, and it's all ours.


I will leave out the details about how we had to heave it over a second story balcony in a torrential down pour to get it into the truck.

{memories, right?}

 I have added a few Christmas touches to the coffee table.
 The colors all inspired by this candle which I am in love with.
It smells like a new born babies head and sugar all rolled in one.
The only thing I'd like to add is a couple of these to replace my grey pillows.
Maybe for my birthday I will be so lucky?
Just a reminder that all imperial trellis patterns are on sale today in this shop!


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Lucky Find! I found my Charleston PB on Craigslist myself then reordered cushions for it later.Love it!

Ikea has a look but not the comfort at all.

~Cheers Kim

Emily A. Clark said...

I say a great Craigslist find is worth the trouble :) Congrats on your find. Your living room looks beautiful for Christmas.

AntiqueChase said...

I recently got a new family room couch.. man I took those photos and never blogged them. To the untrained eye, they would think it was the exact same couch... but to the tush... no... much better. I went with the PB Comfort and it's LOVE <3

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

The couch looks beautful! Yay that the whole family is happy now! Double yay that you got it for a good deal!

Unknown said...

I never have luck with Craigslist - lucky you! And yes, I tell clients all the time that upholstery is an investment that is worth it! Ikea looks ok but.....

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with your husband and kids. We have the matching ikea chair and it is SO uncomfortable! Very short in the seat too. I tried to convince myself it was ok, but it really isn't. I'm surprised how many people buy these and say they are comfortable--maybe they haven't had them long enough- ha! LOVE the pottery barn one you got!

Sadie said...

I have followed your blog for the last few years but have been too busy with normal life lately to do much blog surfing. But I must have been missing it because last night I dreamt that I won the lottery and the first thing I did was email you and ask if your neighbors house was still for sale. I think the location was calling to me. Not that I'm a wierdo blog stalker that wants to live next door to you. ...just so ya know. It was pretty funny. Love your blog and your decorating style.

Maureen said...

You are one lucky girl. Those pottery barn sofas are even more expensive here in Canada....none the less I still "visit" them everytime I get a chance!!

Sew a Fine Seam said...

That is so awesome! I need a new couch too - I'd love to have one from Restoration Hardware but the cost is a wee bit more than I want to put into a piece of furniture. Maybe I'll get lucky on craigslist someday!

Unknown said...

We ditched our IKEA sectional for the same reason! I didn't mind so much, but the mister said it was horribly uncomfortable. Very cool craigslist find!!

Lynne said...

What a great find! Good for you! It fits your space perfectly. The rain has been unforgiving! What a challenge!I was pleased to see a sun break today!
Your package arrived today...The canister's are going to look great in our kitchen...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shabby tree!

Unknown said...

What an incredible deal! I need a new one too..still looking for my bargain : )

Unknown said...

Omgoodness, great story, awesome find, Beautiful home.

michele said...

a newborn baby's head and sugar sounds like heaven on earth, melaine!!

hope you'll pop over soon.

smiles to you.


Dear Lillie said...

Oh my goodness! How did you EVER find that on Craigslist? Are you still pinching yourself? Looks fabulous! (As did the IKEA one, but I am sure your husband is appreciating the comfort of this one. We are considering buying the IKEA one but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Your Christmas card was lovely! I am still addressing mine and haven't sent out a single one yet - ahhh! said...

Great! It looks the same, it is true :) We have got Ikea unfortunatly we can not afford for more expensive one. Lovely decorations!

Mikal said...

Oh, anything smelling of a new born baby is on the top of my list! Awesome score on the sofa! I just priced one at PB and when I looked at my hubby he said, "Better start saving!" I'll have to start checking Craigslist here....

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

What a great find! So happy for you! I agree with you...I love my Ikea sofa and find it very comfortable. But maybe that's because I'm very small and not a man? Love you Christmas touches and your style.

Anonymous said...

So great! I also really appreciate that you are on a budget too. Sometimes I read blogs and wonder how those people can afford to buy some of the things they decorate with, so its good that there is some reality going on. Maddie

Mary said...

swoony couch!
and even better that it was on craigslist!
that's where i got all my furniture for my living room! :)
looks amazing!!!


Just a reminder that CL can sometimes be the light at the end of the tunnel!!! What a deal!

Mo said...

What a great score!!! Looks fab. Good for you finding such a bargain, sectionals seem far too expensive...

Leather Sofa Provider said...

You have a beautiful country style living room. That centerpiece is such a star. :)

Our Way said...

Lucky You!! I have been on the hunt for a good sofa for years. We are living with our dated 35 year old couch and it still looks new but it is also uncomfortable. Perhaps I should try Craigs list again.

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