Sunday, December 2, 2012

~picking out the perfect tree~

Yesterday we spent the better part of the morning getting bundled 
up and heading to a great u~cut Christmas tree farm.
There was hot chocolate, cookies, Santa, hay rides, 
and in the end, we found the perfect tree!
It stopped raining right when we got there, and didn't start again till the car trip home.

 These pictures are not in order.
This is the kids carrying the tree to get shaken and baled before loading it into the truck.
 Do you like our choice?
A 7' tall noble.
I love nobles.
 People were coming and going on the tractor/hay ride all morning.

 Cody looked pretty festive in his Santa hat!
 I think Savannah likes to pose :)
 Our turn.....
 Cutting down the tree~oh our house smells so good right now!
 Inside they had a roaring fire, hot chocolate, and cookies.

 There she is before she got all her dead needles shaken off.
 Savannah took over being photographer for a bit.
What a fun day!
What are your Christmas tree traditions?


Myra said...

Love the photos. Memories being made. I grew up on a farm and have fond memories of going with my dad to cut down a cedar tree when I was young. Then came the aluminum trees of the 60's.

Mindy said...

Beautiful tree! Noble firs have always been our favorite though some years are priced too high (sigh) for our budget. I remember going to cut down trees on a relatives property growing up and try as he did my poor Dad always got a crooked one. But it has made for great memories : )

A Thrifted Market said...

Great pics of your family and a beautiful tree. Would love to have some cooler weather here in Texas but people are still wearing shorts..ugh! Merry Christmas. Can't wait to see your home decorated!

Sheri said...

What great pics. I have a Savannah too and she loves to pose - must have something to do with the name. Have a blessed holiday season :)

Anonymous said...

Love seeing pics of your whole family! Looks like a fun morning!

Sandy said...

Adorable, precious family! God is GREAT!

Sew a Fine Seam said...

Great tree - lovely family - you are so cute!! looks like a fun day!

Unknown said...

This comment is totally off topic, but you have a great smile and very nice teeth! Merry Christmas :)

Between You and Me said...

sweet memories!
beautiful guys are lucky to have nobles as a choice!

you are adorable...your whole family is!
dying to know where you got your amaze balls hat!

Carla said...

Savannah took a great picture of you and the hubby. The tree is really pretty. Your children are really cute.

okcamp said...

Lovely tree, much nicer than ours.
When my husband and I moved to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I swore off ever buying another Christmas tree. Each year I send hubby out to the 'back forty' with instructions to bring home a tree, but not a good one. He'll come back with one that was growing too close to another (meaning it has only one good side), or one that has a less than desirable lower portion. This year, ours was so bad that we kept cutting and cutting until all that was left fit into a bushel basket. I love it! Merry Christmas!

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