Monday, March 4, 2013

~easily charmed~ {origami owl jewelry giveaway}

Now that the blog is back up and running, and my vacations are over, I am hoping to get back into my regular Monday giveaways.
I love being able to "reward" you all with something for sticking with me 
and supporting me and my blog.
So, today is a fun one!
Tabitha is a jewelry designer behind Origami Owl.
She is a friend of a friend, you might know her, Tara from Between you and me......
Oh, darling Tara. Anyhoo.....
Check out some of these gorgeous designs from Origami Owl:

You can buy a "changed" charm and the album together!

 What I like is that you can customize pieces especially for you, or someone you love.
 You choose the chain, the locket of your choice, the charms, and a stamped plate.
Totally customized!
 What would you create? 

 Tabitha has graciously agreed to do a giveaway for a my sweet savannah reader!
One lucky reader will win:

1 medium silvere locket {LK1006}
1 medium stamped plate {you get to choose which word from their medium plate selection}
3 charms of your choice
1 silver ball station chain!

Please go to the Origami Owl website and pick out your choices.
Leave them back here in the comment section to be entered to win!
If you blog about this or share it on any other social media, leave a separate comment for another chance to win!
And, as always, leave me your email address so I can easily contact the winner! I will announce back here on Friday and email the winner as well!

On another note...........

Our internet was down most of the day and night yesterday and I missed the launch of my Joss and Main sale!
However, I was able to get on with my sister in laws hot spot,
{she drove over in her pj's to share it with me so I could see it!}
and I had friends texting me letting me know that things were selling!
You never know how these things will go. Part of me worried nothing would sell, but I was wrong. Several things sold out in the first 3 minutes!

So thank you to all who shopped my sale, and everyone who blogged about it or shared it on their Facebook.  There is still a couple days left, and lots left to choose from.
Go here to view it all.

Have a great day!


Rachel and Jacob said...

I have a friend who works for Origami Owl, I love all of there stuff, I have looked at there websight many times, I feel like the websight is a little confusing, but the jewelry is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I spent half an hour just browsing through the Origami Owl site. So much stuff to choose from (can you say "Mother's Day"?) I would love to add charms & birthstones for a "mom" locket.

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

I love these, so adorable! I probably would chose the Eifel Tower, London phone booth and flip flip since I vacationed there. So much fun!

618mom said...

Oh I know what I would get! My BFF passed away in June so I would get one made for her. It would sart with her birthstone, Feburary. They I would get a horseshoe, she loved horses and taht was her world. I would get a star fish because she drowned in the ocean. And last but not least I would get a gaurdain Angel charm since that is what she is now.
[email protected]

G Hamilton said...

What a fun website with so many choices.

charms: vintage, family, and love locket: silver with crystals
plate: rosegold-love life

Sew a Fine Seam said...

I LOVE origami owl stuff! I have a set all picked out and have since back in November. I keep putting off spending them money

Sara G said...

I would put together a necklace for my daughter. The plate would say dream and the charms would be an E, the painter's palette, and the peace sign. And I would want the locket with crystals if there's a choice. Keeping my finger's crossed for a win! Thanks Melaine! :) [email protected]

Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway!! I would love the "blessed" stamped plate and the 3 charms in chai,cameo black, and may birthstone. [email protected] Thanks!!

Angelica Ng said...

This is what I would pick:

Stamped plate with the word "Dream"

Charms: Sept birthstone round, champagne crystal stone, and the Alpha

angelican3 at hotmail dot com

Teresa said...

I would choose the "dream" stamped plate and the 3 charms would be the vintage typewriter, my initial T with rhinestones, and the LOVE charm. Thanks. [email protected]

Candy W said...

Plate- family, Charms- peace sign, owl, snowflake
[email protected]

Cara M said...

I would like dream for the plate. For the charms 1) clover 2) fleur de lis 3) silver angel wing on the silver crystal locket. Thank you! Hope I win!!!

agilborder said...

Thanks so much for introducing us to Origami Owl! For my daughter who turned 21 today I would love to have the Inspire plate, horse charm,artist palette and the coral cameo on the 30" chain.

Keeping fingers and toes crossed!

Pamela Jo
[email protected]

Michele said...

I just started my origami owl necklace and would love to add some more. I would love a faith plate or love plate for me and my man and some more charms. So many options!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Karinny said...

Love the idea of having some of these for my daughter! I love the owl charm.

dmw212 said...

I am a "storyteller" and would love to win this giveaway. Since I am blessed...that would be the start. I love the initials ....for my kids. Actually, choosing would be a difficult decision! Thanks for the chance to win

Unknown said...

I have never heard of Origami Owl until today! Thanks for introducing this jewelry to us. Will keep this in mind for those special gifts I need in the near future...a H.S. graduation, a wedding and a new baby just to name a few!

Unknown said...

I love the PP's idea of the blessed stamped plate with my 3 childrens' birthstones. Cute stuff!

Unknown said...

I would choose the Survivor plate, along with my three children's initials, as I am a survivor of a rare pregnancy related heart condition.

BumbleBeeLane said...

So many ideas! I'd go with Dream and for the charms Radiant Aqua Stone,Plumeria Flower,Large Rose Gear.
[email protected]

Kristin said...

Love Origami Owl! I would get the Inspire silver plate with the book charm, camera, and laptop charm =)

Unknown said...

I would choose a rosegold true plate, the silver crystal heart, the silver wedding ring and silver sanddollar. Thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown said...

I tweeted about the giveaway -

My email is jeanbrinkley73 at gmail dot com

Nancy Carr said...

Love the dog charm, blue topaz look birthstone, my initial, peace sign and on and on. Love this concept for myself, my family and friends. Wow!

Nancy Carr said...

my email address for the comment I left is
[email protected]

Nancy Carr said...

The email address for my comment above is
[email protected]

Nancy Carr said...

Shared on fb. [email protected]

Kathalene said...

I would like to enter the giveaway to see if I can win a locket for my grand-daughter. I would like the locket with the rhinestones, the dream plate, an E, a pink crystal, and the peace sign. Thanks for the chance to win! [email protected]

Sara G said...

I shared on facebook for a double entry!!! :) [email protected]

Lori said...

Wow ~ what a great giveaway!! There are so many things to choose from but I would love to create my own. Love the music notes, the initials and the lipstick ~ too cute!
[email protected]

Shannan Martin said...

Your taste is impeccable! I'm swooning over that Union Jack tapestry and that grain sack poof!

Anonymous said...

Sue M.
I love these...really cute. I'd choose: Blessed for the stamp with the three charms to include: Family heart, LOVE, and faith. thank ou for the opportunity.
[email protected]

Daily Woman (Lacey) said...

Love this stuff!! I would pick the Autism Heart with a red, blue, and yellow stone then a Mom plate since I am a "Autism " Mom.

Jan said...

What a great giveaway. I would create a memory locket with the vintage cross,the crystal paw, and the clear puffy heart.
[email protected]

Melody said...

What a Great Giveaway !!! So many choices...but I've choice pieces that remind me of my dear mother.
I would like the Nana gold plate ( my children called her Nana)
For the charms, I would like the Vintage Cross in silver; her birthstone- round March; and her initial-silver M with crystals.

my email adddress is [email protected]
Thank you for hosting this giveaway !!

Melody said...

I posted your giveaway on my facebook page!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to start with the blessed plate to start, but from there it would be hard to choose! So many darling pieces!
Thank you!
[email protected]

Anonymous said...

Blessed plate, november heart birthstone, cat and dog charms, my email is [email protected]

Unknown said...

I would choose the Blessed plate, plumeria, vintage cross, and anchor charms

Unknown said...

oh, and my email is
treyh730 at yahoo dot com

Maureen said...

I would choose the medium silver "Family" plate and the camera,treble clef, and music note chamrs!

[email protected]

Mel4Him said...

I would choose the faith plate. The 3 charms I would choose would be the camera, the Ichthys Fish, and the Birthstone Feb. Boy

Jennifer Wexler said...

i would get the love silver plate, the wedding ring, infinity sign, and W initial charms

[email protected]

Between You and Me said...

thanks for the shout out, Melaine!
and thanks for hosting the give away for my friend, Tab!

Steph said...

Amazing giveaway :) Blessed plate, birthstone charm, clover and angel wing.
[email protected]

Unknown said...

Plate: dream

Charms: Enamel Owl
Silver J with Crystals

Thank You! I just found this website on pinterest and I LOVE the charms!!

E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Unknown said...

Plate: Dream

Enamel Owl
Silver J with Crystals

I just found this website and I LOVE their charms!

please e-mail at : [email protected] or [email protected]
Thank You!

Unknown said...

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Meena said...
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