Wednesday, April 24, 2013

~prinstagram with instagram~

When we were recently in Hawaii, I got to hang out with my friend Kasey.
She gave me the sweetest little driftwood boat and a photo hanger made from driftwood, along with the cutest instagram prints to hang from it.
That got me thinking about having some of my own instagram photos printed.
I got about 48 printed so far, but have many yet to print before I fill this big bowl up.

It sits on our coffee table and I just thought it would be a fun place to throw all the photos in.
When guests come over, they can look at them if they want. 
They are also just fun for the kids to sift through.
You can get yours printed and delivered right to your door here.
I am over at Steward Of Design today if you'd like to pop over and visit!
Also, go here to read a bit about the Country Living magazine shoot I worked on.


Shannon said...

What a fun idea! My girls would love sifting through photos and so would my guests ;)

AntiqueChase said...

I had a pile of extra pictures and put them in a large bowl at an extended family party. I told everyone to take what they wanted... and it was empty when everyone left.

Anonymous said...

Love this idea, I'm going to steal it for my sister inlaws wedding shower :)


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Coreen @ 58 Vintage Faire said...

Very clever and interested in doing something similar...but I didn't find their website very clear on how it works...I sent them an email asking for clarification and mentioned that I found them through your blog...Thanks for sharing...Coreen

Unknown said...

Really it's a great idea, thanks for sharing.
Glyn Willmoth

Unknown said...

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