Tuesday, June 18, 2013

~questions answered about our house~

Wow, I just took a look at all the comments under our home tour and realized there was a lot of questions, so I thought I would address them here in one post! If you have any more, be sure to ask in the comments section, and I will reply to you there!

First question:
What is the color in your son's bedroom?
The dark grey is Seal by Martha Stewart in a eggshell finish.
The bottom is Annie Sloan Old White.

Did you make your daughter's white pom poms in her bedroom?
Yes and no. It's a kit I bought at Michael's. They are Martha Stewart.

Other questions related to Savannah's room were about her bedding.
Most all of it is Simply Shabby Chic at Target.
I made the bed skirt out of 2 ruffly tablecloths.
I also made the euro shams.

Where did you get the sponge vase filler for your bathroom?
I really don't remember, but I know craft stores have them, I've also seen them at Aaron Brothers.
Places like Hobby Lobby I'm sure have them.

Where did you get the mirror in your sons bathroom?
I got the mirror at Restoration Hardware.
Here is the link.

Did you make the silhouettes or buy them?

I made them and here is the link to the original post.

Where did you get the dark bamboo blinds above your kitchen sink?

I actually bought these as a temp. solution until I could afford the "real deal"
but might just leave these up because they work just fine.
I not only have them in the kitchen, but also in our sons room.
They are from a local store called Fred Meyer, kinda like a Target, but not even that fancy!

Where did you get your kitchen stools?
I got them at Pier One and a good friend made the ruffled light leopard cushions.
I don't see them on their website anymore but these are similar.

Do you have an indoor laundry room and does Savannah have her own bathroom?
Yes, we have an indoor laundry room closet.
It sits right off our kitchen and here is a link to a post I did about it.
No, Savannah shares the guest bath.

Where did you find that awesome wine bottle dryer?
I have 2.
The one in this first photo is from World Market, and is around $15.00.
Here is the link to it.
The second picture which holds the mugs in our kitchen was a ebay purchase and was around $180.00
 Where are your letter mugs from?
They are from Anthropologie, here is the link.

How can you have a white couch and keep it from looking dirty with boys and dogs, and where did you get it?

Well, it is a slipcover sofa, so when it gets dirty, I throw it in the wash.
I try to keep it full of lots of pillows and throw blankets to keep it clean longer.
I got it at Pottery Barn and here is the link.

Where did you get the decal for your chalkboard wall?
It's actually not a decal, you can find the original post here on how I did it.

How do I find the post on how you refinished your hardwood floors?
Right here!

I think that's it! I hope I answered them all!
I am actually planning on doing an updated home tour shortly, as these photos are rather old.
Have a great day!


Kori said...

I thought you found your 'new' couch on Craigslist? I remember thinking it was a lucky find!

Melaine Thompson said...

I did! It is Pottery Barn!

annmarie sheffield said...

Thank you for answering all the questions. Your blog is very inspiring. It takes quite a bit of time to attach links and and answer questions....thank you. You were the very first blog i followed before I started bloging. Thank you for being an inspiration and for being very real. I need get back into blogging and updating my page soon. Stop by some time..... http://annmariesheffield.blogspot.com/

Terry said...

Did you really mean $180.00 for your mug rack?

Melaine Thompson said...

Yes, it's really old

Bria said...

ahh!! i love this guide, thank you so much! we are still in a rental but i love following your blog and saving some ideas for when we purchase a house. your little girls room is ADORABLE!

Unknown said...

Can you post pictures of the master bedroom? I love your style and I am trying to figure out what type of bedding/headboard to get for mine. I would love to see yours to get some ideas.

Also, what fabric/color is your Pottery Barn couch?

Unknown said...

I love the gallery wall above the couch! Did you hang the frames or use command strips? How did you space them out so perfectly?

Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie,

The "Seal" color in your son's bedroom...I know it is by MS, but which line? Her paint is carried at several stores near us, all with different colors. Do you recall where you bought it? Also, in your son's room...is that a barn door/track in place of his bathroom door. Love it! Did you make that?

Unknown said...

Love your blog. I was wondering if you would kindly show us your master bedroom. I remember there once were pictures of it, but now the pictures are gone. I'm guessing you've redecorated. I would love to take a peek. :-)

Melaine Thompson said...

I do not remember the Martha Stewart line of paynt~sorry!
Master bedroom~yes, coming soon! I am in the middle of a major re-do!
Cody's closet door is a door a got at a salvage yard and we hung it on a barn door track system. It just rolls open and closed. Love it!
Frames behind our sofa. I laid them out on the ground and measured where to screw in the screws to the wall. I used "zots" which are sticky little things on the back bottom of each one to hold in place. You can find these at any craft store in the scrapbooking section~just make sure you buy that brand and the biggest ones for this kinda hold. The other ones are only made really to stick paper to paper in scrapbooks and won't be strong enough.
I do not remember the color of our PB Soafa! Sorry! It's a creamy off white, not white white, not tan, and it looks like linen, although it is not. Hope that helps y'all! :)

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