Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Looking for another cool website to buy Mother's Day gifts, or a little something for yourself?

I recently got this cool garden tote bag with my monogram from RedEnvelope.
I am so ready for gardening season. 
If this rain would ever stop!

My gardens are filled with weeds but the leaves are starting to bloom and color is starting to pop up here and there. 

I have my eye on a few more coordinating pieces…….

Because looking good in the garden is a must, ha ha!
Oh, I am also drooling over this live succulent wreath:

Besides gardening items, RedEnvelope has a ton of super cool items for you and your home.
Check it out right here.



Stacey {steward of design} said...

That wreath is really cool!
Yes, this rain needs to go away, I have so much weeds!

Momma G. said...

Nothing to do with this post but wanted to thank you for your recent post about HC Home in Snohomish. We are from Boise and are here this week as my husband is having surgery at UW...killed some time yesterday and drove up to Snohomish and enjoyed every inure in their fabulous store and picked up some treasures to take back home! Snohomish is charming! :)

Momma G. said...

....every minute...

Anonymous said...

If only you could send that rain here!

I have two duck houses......and a mother mallard (15 generations of these wild ducks) keeping her 12 babies safe under the worst circumstances (drought, no rain, and water rationing!)

I bought "wolf pee" (collected from zoos, shelters and rescue operations) to sprinkle everywhere around the pond to protect from predators.

We here in California are so desperate for rain!

I care about my plants......but NOTHING compared to my 12 ducklings!



I haven't posted this year yet....but I will! I need lots of prayers!

Anonymous said...

PS the duck houses used to float! Therefore keeping the ducklings safe from predators! The back one is completely landlocked; and the front one has some water in front of it.....that mommy mallard gets those babies in the safest place......it is heartbreaking....I give them their treats (the adults all know me....25 years....we have had 70 hatch here and live to fly off (they come back and visit....and know me.)

These just look at me......I can almost hear them say......."Where is the water?"


Mindy said...

Lovely gardening gear and the wreath is beautiful! Despite the rain we have peas a few inches tall and radishes broke the ground as well as the potatoes. There is hope : )

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