Tuesday, October 28, 2014

~eeny, meeny, miny, moe~

I recently shared with you our hallway update.
If you didn't see it, you can go here to view and see sources.

What I didn't share is how long it took me to come up with
 the perfect pillow combination for that little nook!

Here is the end result:

I tried orange with my Ballard Designs monogram lumbar pillow….

Just lots of orange for fall……
{I love orange and charcoal grey}

I tried my betwixt pillows with a grain sack pillow……

I even tried moving my pillows off the couch over to this area….

In the end, the betwixt won.
The grain sack pillow {2 photos above} was a little too small so I added this king sized grain sack in a matching mustard yellow color and a small charcoal grey pillow from Restoration Hardware.

I also swapped out the wood bins for more grey baskets.
They were perfect, but…….

 They were too small!
Boo hoo!!!

You can see how I rigged them below for the picture.
Now I am on a search to find these same Ikea baskets but in a perfect size for the cubbies here.
The tupperware containers cannot stay!



T said...

I like your end result -- the colors you've chosen. Very nice, subtle, yet flirtatious with the eye. :)

Hannah said...

that looks great! do you think the large squarish baskets that fit in ikea's shelving units(can't remember the name) would work there? maybe you could put a grey stain on them?? just a thought! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE your pillows!

Unknown said...

Please reconsider the orange pillows with your restoration pillow in the middle. I so loved the boldness!

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