Wednesday, October 29, 2014

~my favorite source for online pillow shopping~

2 words.

I honestly won't buy pillows anywhere else online.
Well, because they have the best selection with a fast turnaround.
All their fabrics are whats currently trending as well as other timeless fabrics.
Their customer service is impeccable, and they will work with you quickly on custom orders.
They are offering free shipping to my sweet savannah readers!
Just enter the code


at checkout!
{100% my opinion, I was not paid to say this}

Here are some pillows in our home that I have purchased through Spark Modern.
This betwixt lumbar pillow can be found here.
It looks great in the fall and winter months because it is dark and bold.
But as you can see in the picture below, it also works in the summer with bright flowers and lighter pillows mixed in.

I'm literally obsessed with these new Euro pillows I just got for Savannah's room. 
I want to steal them off her bed.
These are 26"x26" and they have a hidden zipper.
Did I mention I love them?

You can find them here.

These betwixt pillows have found many different homes in my house.
They go everywhere, with everything.

Yesterday I showed you where they currently are, in our hallway nook.
You can find all the betwixt here.
I don't currently see this color way.

Bad quality photos below, but these large pillows are another favorite. 
Currently they are on our master bed.
I love how versatile all these pillows are!
This Volpi Navy is currently out of stock, but check back in soon.

This little blue pillow below can be found here.
It's a great soft pillow to throw in the mix.

Want to see more of my favorites from their shop?
I am loving these and hope to add them to my "collection" soon.

And, I'd love to get this pillow to match our wallpaper!

Please use coupon code


when checking out at Spark Modern.
Now, if they only made drapes……..

Happy shopping!


tina said...

Oh I am a fellow pillow collector! I love them! (really I love fabric - period!!)

Lucky for me, I can sew and make many of my own pillow covers. There are some beautiful pillows shown but I have one tiny pet peeve - I do not like the solid backs. I like the fabric on both sides, if that makes sense. I'm sure they would do that though if they do custom.

Unknown said...

I absolutely fell in love with the bedroom decoration. Loved the pattern of the rug, and how it all comes together. If there is one room I want to redecorate, that would be the master bedroom. I would love to have almost the exact idea.

Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

Looks like a great site - thanks for the introduction!

Abdul bari said...

There are few things more thrilling for a deal shopper than getting something for free ... Here's how to get free stuff, both online and in stores freebies by mail.

online shopping said...

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Unknown said...

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