Friday, September 18, 2015

~nesting with Grace fall home tour~{& a winner}

I wanted to share with you today my friend Brooke's fall home tour because she is a master at layering.
I could get lost in her pictures.
She has a way with styling and at the end of her post, she sources things out, which I also love.
Here are a few photos from her tour, but you can see the full tour here.

I love, love, love the textures and layers in this room.
This is a great lesson in mixing patterns.
Stripes on the curtains, the printed rug, the plaid throw

This area in her kitchen is my favorite!
You can see her kitchen transformation here.

Back to the living room, love this nook, super cozy.

That floor!!!!

Brooke painted her piano.
You can read about the process here.

I am sure once you head over to see her tour you will be drawn into the rest of the gorgeousness that is happening there!
And now for the Plush Pumpkin giveaway sponsored by The Love Feast Shop winner!

[email protected] said...
Love your blog, love the pumpkins and would love, love, love to win them!


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Calypso In The Country said...

I am in love with that floor! The colors and textures are gorgeous as well!

mcgrathinnola said...
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Anonymous said...
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Lori said...
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Carla said...

Many thanks for picking me for the pumpkin giveaway. I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival!

sourabh gupta said...
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sourabh gupta said...
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