Thursday, October 8, 2015

~DIY not so creepy spider webs~{thrifty Thursday}

This project started out with a bunch of items from the thrift store.
A crocheted table cloth and some embroidery hoops.
You will also need plastic spiders,
{I got mine at the dollar store}
black spray paint, and bakers twine.

Step 1~ Separate the embroidery hoops and spray paint the outer ones black. 

If you are like me and spray paint your fingers and nails as well, this is the best product to remove it. I swear by this stuff.

Step 2~ lay your tablecloth down and place the unpainted hoop on top.
Cut about 1/2" to 1" all the way around the diameter.

Step 3~ Now lay the fabric circle on top of the unpainted hoop, and when the black ones are dry, place on top and secure in place.

Step 4~ Turn upside down and pull taught, then trim off any excess fabric, cutting as close to the hoop as possible.

Step 5~ Add plastic spiders and bakers twine to hang at varying lengths.

I think these add kind of a fun twist to the traditional Halloween spider webs, don't you?
Happy crafting!



a said...

I love this!
Angelica @

kwakenburgwales said...

Oh,what a great autumn idea! Thanks!

Carol said...

Very cute idea.

Anonymous said...

This is such a neat idea - my kids would love it!!!
~Leah: )

Agnes said...

Brilliant idea. So pretty. Thank you for this.

Joanne B. said...

Cute idea, but what a terrible waste of a lovely crocheted tablecloth! Did I miss something? Someone took the time to hand make this and unless it was irrepairable with damage, I could never have destroyed it. While I may not choose to decorate with it as a table cloth in my home, someone, somewhere, would have been thrilled to have it in their home. Sorry, but that's my opinion.

Rebecca Hudson said...

It will be the surprising thing for the Halloween activities. It's beautiful to see from a far distance but terrible with a closing view.

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[email protected] TEFL said...

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