Monday, November 9, 2015


Do you find yourself pursuing Instagram, Pinterest, and decor blogs, and sometimes feel like your home just doesn't compare?
You see perfectly styled rooms with not one bit of trash, the kids are sitting up straight at the dinner table, candles burning.
Then you look around your own house and see a pile of laundry on the kitchen counter, kids are fighting, and your house smells like wet dog.
Well, my friends Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Company came up with this great idea.
What if some design bloggers showed you "real" photos of our homes?
Our homes actually being used and lived in, not picture perfect.

So, please join The White Buffalo Styling Company, House Seven Blog, Bliss At Home, Nesting with Grace, and myself as we will share our family living out style with purpose.
This will be a weekly series on Instagram, every Monday, where you can join in and show us your rooms, as you use them in everyday life. 

For me, this is a constant struggle.
No one really wants to see other peoples messes do they? 
So when I post a photo, I make sure it is visually pleasing. 
However, we live in our home.
We have 2 big yellow labs that also share our 2,200 square feet with my husband and I and two teenage kids. 
I don't have a house cleaner, I don't have a gardener.
It gets messy.

Our kitchen counter does double duty as a homework station.
The guest bath is also my daughters bathroom, and when you walk through our small home, you may just have to step over a sleeping dog.

Here is a picture of our dining room I showed in our fall home tour.

And here is it today:

Our dining room doubles as a craft room sometimes.
I am getting ready to work on a Christmas project and this seemed like a good spot.
So tonight we will be eating dinner up to the island in the kitchen and for a couple days I am sure this mess will only get larger.
Please join us all on Instagram and show us your #purposeinstyle


Mariaelena said...

OOOHHHH...I really want to see what you making the shapes!!...

Shannan Martin said...

This is my favorite!

jo said...

I think this is an excellent idea!!!! Yes, I think many readers do feel less than adequate looking at so many beautiful photos of bloggers' homes. I know that we know their houses are not always perfect, but when all we see is perfection, then turn around to get more coffee, and see a cat on the counter, dirty dishes in the sink, a billow of dog hair on the floor, we do feel inadequate. You bloggers are trying to help us by giving us all these fantastic ideas, when really, sometimes it does make us (me) feel a little inadequate - even tho I love my home. So, yes, a little imperfection would be nice to see once in awhile. I see videos of bloggers painting something, and they are wearing leather boots, cute jeans, darling shirts and jewelry. You should see what I wear. I'm always barefoot, and I wear the worst clothes I have (that is set aside just for painting), which is covered with paint and rips. THAT'S reality. All I can think of when I see those videos is they are going to get paint all over themselves and it's a little distracting. So toss some reality my way. I am looking forward to it!!

Lindsay said...

I love seeing how you're creating in your home! It's not just picture-perfect, but it's lived in and loved. So happy to have you on this venture :)

Susan Krzywicki said...

um, what part of these two photos was "real"? Did I miss the point? Or, does the real part start next week?

I just LOVE the idea!

Tery H said...

I completely get what you are saying! My house is small as well and I wouldn't have it any other way. Every area does double duty.
At one point, my 1600 sf home had 2 adults, 2 teenagers, a pre teen, a newborn and two dogs!

Cecilia said...

Good idea but to be honest, your messy still looks pretty neat compared to mine. :-) I clean but my family messes it up right away. Or the dogs. But yeah, it can be a tad overwhelming to want those picture perfect rooms we see online but life is happening all around us and it just doesn't happen.

Stacye H. said...

I love the idea of showing your "real lives". My husband and I have 3 grown sons plus 4 dogs living in a 1600 sq. ft. house. But I do hope the blogs are going to show the real thing so the rest of us struggling along don't feel so bad about ourselves.

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