Wednesday, April 27, 2016

~one room challenge~{week 4~the mess}

Our master bathrooms progress is S L O W

We got the cabinets and put them in.
Right now they are filled with a hodge podge of thins. I cannot wait to style them.
I did get the appliqués off the vanity and I painted the whole thing black, off the shelf paint from Lowes.

I ordered cabinet hardware from LuxHoldups, similar to these.
They are gorgeous and I cannot wait to get them on!

I also selected a paint color.
Benjamin Moore's Seapearl will compliment the fabric and existing travertine nicely.

The wrapping paper represents where the mirror will go.
Do you see something else different in this picture?
We installed the new vanity top!
To say I love it is an understatement.
No more speckled beige and brown granite!

Here is the link to the vanity top if you are interested. 
And finally, I started putting up some of the casings around the windows.
This room has 4 windows but I am covering up one of them with art.
You'll see that shortly!
The new window treatments are on their way, I cannot wait for that.

There is actually a bazillion things still to do~

Finish all the mouldings, spackle, and paint.

Hook up the plumbing.

Install sconce and chandelier.

Paint the walls and ceiling.

Hang mirror and art.

Style the shelves and organize everything.

Clean, clean, and clean some more.

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And don't forget to follow all the other participants on this One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling It Home and House Beautiful.
Wish me luck!

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Linda {Calling it Home} said...

What a difference your cabinets are with new paint. Love the color. Good luck, and hang in there.

Melaine said...

Thanks Linda!

Melaine said...

Thanks Linda!

Megan // Honey We're Home said...

Those pulls are going to be gorgeous! We used them in my daughter's nursery and they are like pretty cabinet jewelry! :)


I can't believe those are the same cabinets! Amazing.....

Leigh said...

That cabinet hardware is pretty.

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