Wednesday, July 13, 2016

~5 of my favorite Fixer Upper kitchens~

All photos via HGTV.
Fixer upper~I'm hooked.
If you are a design enthusiast, I am sure you are too.
The kitchen below with hints of blue was one of my favorites, rustic yet clean and modern at the same time.

I remember the HUGE island from this episode.
Love the counters and color choices too.

This one I like just because it's so simple.
Nothing too frilly or fancy, and I love that range hood.

I have always had a thing for exposed brick and that lighting reminds me of the 
lighting over our own island.
I love the open concept here, looks very warm and inviting.

This hood is amazing! Usually scallops scream shabby chic or feminine, but in this case with this material, I love it!

What do you take away from Fixer Upper episodes?


MDezri said...


Eden said...

The exposed brick looks good.

Blondie's Journal said...

They can't go wrong. Never missed one of these. Great post.

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gwen said...

I like the lighting in each one.

Sia Desai said...

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