Thursday, April 13, 2017

~one room challenge week 2~

Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and I have done pretty much nothing except for ordering a few items for the space which I will be sharing shortly!
{I have been on vacation sitting in the sand instead of working on this space} 

This week is all about the inspiration for this room.
The inspiration comes from so many places, but mostly from my friend Sandra who's home I recently posted about here.
So, are you ready?

Where that black hutch is now I am going to hang a floating cabinet.
That's the plan anyway!

Something like this: 

It is the Besta unit from Ikea.

I am going to hang a HUGE photo in black and white over the top of it.
Something like this:

This lamp will make an appearance somewhere in the room.
And as some of you guessed from week 1, I will be positioning the table the other direction.
Small changes with big impact, I hope!

It will be very simple, with more storage, and hopefully have a good mix or traditional, vintage, and modern.

I have also got a ton of inspiration from Country Livings special publication called Rustic Modern.

See you next week for week 3. 



Chris said...

My sister just put that credenza (floating)from Ikea in her dining room-looks great ! I think that will be perfect for your area.

karen said...

Love what you're doing.
Where did you find the magazine?
I live in a city of 4 million and cannot find that sucker!

charlotte Lindsay said...

I hope you enjoyed your vacation. I Love the floating shelves, they will really bring in a modern flair and they are functional. What more could you ask for?

Melaine said...

Barnes and noble!

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