Thursday, April 27, 2017

~One Room Challenge week 4~

I am calling this week of the ORC  the plain Jane stage because even though I have the furniture installed, everything is very white and boring.
I am waiting on a new rug, my wall art, some accessories, a chandelier {the Ikea one turned out to look horrible} and a floor lamp.

I have rotated the table around which really opened it up.
I will say, my husband came home from being out of town and he looked at the room and looked at me like I was crazy. Then he said he trusted me and knew I had a vision.

Let's hope this room turns out!

This cupboard from Ikea is called the Godmorgon.
I got a high gloss white door for a more modern look.
It's actually made for a bathroom, but I'm not telling if you aren't.

 This piece is the Besta TV unit with high gloss white doors also.
I had a friend help me put them together and hang them.
I really hope they don't come crashing down in the middle of the night.

I have another white cowhide coming from All Modern which I will layer with the other one.

The frame is all ready, just waiting on my photo enlargement and then off to the framers it goes.
I played with the color on the frame a little and added a bit of brushed nickel spray paint followed by Annie Sloan dark silver gilding wax to age it just a bit.
I switched out and got all new switch plate covers. 

At this point the thing I am most excited about though is having finished baseboard mouldings!

I painted my chandelier, and it turned out hideous.
So I ordered a new one from Painted Fox Home and I am hoping it gets here in time!

I have 3 of these coming, I love the punch of color.

This is also on it's way:

I cannot wait to finish this room and move onto the next!
So many projects in the works.

Thank you for following along, please come back next week for more!



gina said...

That gorgeous window screams window seat to me. Love your style.

Melaine said...

I've actually thought about that, but size and position wise it won't work out!

Cindy in Oklahoma said...

I love the table turned this way.

Melaine said...

Thank you Cindy!

MDezri said...

Love that you're not afraid to try out new styles and totally different decorating! Looking forward to seeing the new dining area when it is finished!

Kathy said...

I loved your dining room before so this is hard to imagine it being better but I am sure it will be. Your vision is so avant-garde!

Noél said...

Any update on the skylights? Love how open and light it feels!

Kamboj said...

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susan said...

Hi- absolutely love your floor tiles in your dining room...are they slate? Can you share info, please? I think the whole room is stunning- love the play of textures! Susan

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I love the before! From the pics I'm trying to see the electric box for the chandelier, can't wait to see the after!


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