Friday, May 25, 2018

~Friday favorites~


If you are new to My Sweet Savannah, welcome!
Friday favorites is just a random list of things going on in my crazy mind, things I have tried, tested, and loved, or just pure randomness.
So without further adieu......

Did you watch the royal wedding? I didn't get up at the crack of dawn, but I did record it and watch it later, Loved it! Meghan looked so beautiful!

If you are looking to get the look of brass on furniture, candlesticks, etc. I have found this to be the best one. I think it gives the most realistic finish.

When did scissors become such a cute accessory?

Crazy for animal prints like me? Check out this fun pillow in this great color way.

If you are installing any sort of wall tile or back splash with an intricate pattern, go ahead and save yourself a lot of time and trouble and buy the 12x12 sheets like this one.
It will look like you spent hours and are a professional tile artist, haha.

This chair looks just like its expensive sister, but the price tag shows differently.

A very inexpensive source for linen everything.

The best place for vintage levis.

Ok, I think that is it! My brain is full and now I must go not use my brain all weekend :)


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